For all those keen on visiting countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and Indonesia the choice of superyachts or any type of luxury yachts available for charter is quite limited.  Finding a suitable boat to rent therefore is a difficult task, not only for you as a potential charterer but also for any professional superyacht hire broker.

Night setting on a luxury catamaran cruising between Langkawi and Phuket

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that genuine, ultra modern luxury yachts rarely stay in the area throughout the year.  A supersailyacht such as BLISS, the 37m Australian built sailing yacht with sublime interior and exceptional external lines, racing gear and many other spectacular features is there to consider, yet at 95,000 US$’s per week she is priced much higher than any other boat.  In terms of sailing catamarans, not one 70’+ multihull either from Sunreef or any other popular brand are based there.  Those that are, catamarans of around 60ft may not always satisfy the requirements for a luxury sailing holiday, either because of their age, features, looks or simply general value for money.  In most cases, Sunreef’s BLAZE, the 62ft cat is the best of the lot of course and the yacht is certainly highly recommendable, especially due to excellent crew, even though it will not satisfy the most discerning clients.

Superyachts available for charter in Andaman Sea

Douce France on the other hand is an old man standing tall still and while she has always provided the ultimate luxury yachting platform for an excellent sailing vacation, some clients keen on the most modern superyachts may not even consider her.

Overall, the best hope and highest recommendation for those who are keen to charter in either of the locations within or near Andaman sea, is to either consider one of the more traditional yachts which both provide an exclusive experience, but also a part of local history, for example SALILA in Indonesia, or to come forward with their yacht charter requests full of flexibility and patience, waiting for a deal on a best yacht that may call into the region for a limited period of time.

Luxury SAILING Catamaran BLAZE, a Saunreef 62 with excellent crew
Luxury SAILING Catamaran BLAZE, a Saunreef 62 with excellent crew

What kind of luxury yacht will call in Thailand or Langkawi, maybe even Myanmar or on occasion to Bali or elsewhere in Indonesia is obviously hard to know.  Most superyacht charter brokers will expect one or two special boats to call in however and if your party or family are patient and flexible enough, maybe, just maybe we can get the best yacht and indeed the best value luxury yachtcharter deal for you just about when the decision is due to be made.  The same applies to any other region where private yachts are not based throughout the year, for example Fiji or Brasil.  Keep in touch therefore and plan your next superyacht charter vacation wisely and by keeping in touch with your chosen broker more regularly.