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Exclusive super catamarans for charter in 2024

When it comes to superyachts amongst luxury catamarans, SUNREEF 80, Sunreef 80 Eco, Sunreef 70, Lagoon 77, Lagoon 78 power and latest Thira 80 by Fountain Pajot lead the way.

Published by Eldin Basic-Williams

Until recently, enjoying a superyacht expeirence was all about hiring a motor yacht of 100ft+ or a few of the superyachts amongst sailing yachts, usually from Perini Navi or Swan and Oyster. Most recently, idea of exclusive superyacht charter has changed somewhat. Namely, exclusive superyacht experience does not start or end with a powerful motor yacht from Sunseeker, Heesen or a stylish Italian Azimut. Nowadays it starts with a new Sunreef or a Fountain Pajot. Thira 80 is the latest of these mega catamarans offering unprecedented levels of space, luxury and elegance. Their latest interior designs will certainly blow you away when you enter their vast interior saloons. The stylish exteriors of these super catamarans with their immense space, quality and style, with exceptional social living areas and variety of secluded spots, make these luxury charter yachts the epitome of grace. Simply said, luxury catamarans are exceptional rental yachts for the most discerning of travelers. And if that’s not good enough, the world’s largest sailing catamaran ”ArtExplorer” has just started her own cultural mission with all of her 46.5 metre built by Perini Navi, a name synonymous with luxury sailing yachts until today. Best of all, you can hire her too, either for your private yacht charter or even better for a special occasion and cultural or artistic event somewhere around the world.

Photo Galery of SUNREEF 80 ABOVE available in Greece

The most interesting proposals
Most popular or in most demand are certainly exclusive SUNREEF 80 models which both looks exceptional and provide utmost comfort and luxury on board. The difference between various models is subtle, yet depending on your sailing plans, destination, preferences and budget, these differences can be world apart. A professional yachtcharter broker at will certainly be able to advise appropriately on the subtle varieties, differences in facilities, range of charter rates or crew services. Most importantly, as Sunreef Yachts themselves market these superyachts, they are all-around luxury yachts which are ideal for exclusive getaways and transoceanic adventures and can cater for all your requirements for sure. The combination of exterior looks and latest interior designs make these boats exceptional in many ways and you are invited to explore opportunities to charter them in various sailing destinations across the East Caribbean and the Mediterranean in particular. Combining one of the most exclusive itineraries, around Amalfi coast for example, by cruising towards Pontine Islands such as Ponza or Naples islands such as Ischia and billionaire paradise of Isola di Capri with addition of such picturesque coastal towns as Positano, Sorrento and Amalfi can round up a fabulous luxury catamaran experience in the MEDITERRANEAN.

And if you want something even more elegant, with more grace, maybe less extravaganza, but with more exterior space for genuine Mediterranean lifestyle, Thira 80’s such as SERENISSIMA III are the way to go. Providing revolutionary layout with two side deck lounges with retractable balconies, and Pierre Frey interiors throughout they are new kids on the block and for now mostly available in Greece. As most of these are sailing catamarans, environment friendly sailing is given, yet if you want to go a step further, chartering Sunreef 80 Eco models such ONE PLANET is the way to go for sure. Alternatively, a nice luxury power cat such as ZENIT, Lagoon 78 power available in Sardinia is the way to go for those who like to cruise at speeds above 10kn.

List of all NEW 70ft luxury catamarans for charter in 2024/25:

ART EXPLORER 46.5 metre OR 152.6ft – Flexible – Price on request
MISCHIEVOUS 78ft – Sunreef 80 – from 70,000 Eur per week (5 CABINS)

OHANA 80ft – Sunreef 80 in the Virgin Islands – from 94,000 US$’s per week
ALOIA 80 80ft – Thira by FP in GREECE – from 70,000 Eur per week
AD ASTRA 80ft – Thira by FP in GREECE – from 70,000 Eur per week
NAUTI NICKEL 80ft – Sunreef 80 in Puertorico – from 81,840 US$’s per week
SERENISSIMA III 80ft – Thira 80 – Greece – from 70,000 Eur per week

4 CABINS – 8 or 9 guests
SHADES OF GREY 78ft – Mallorca or East Caribbean – from 70,000 Eur per week
OTOCTONE 78ft – Sunreef 80 Eco – West Med – from 79,000 Eur
AGATA BLU 74ft – Greece – from 54,000 Eur per week

SOL 80ft – Sunreef 80 in the East Caribbean – from 92,500 US$’s per week
HALCYON 80ft – Sunreef 80 – Med or Caribbean – from 90,000 US$’s per week
ENTRE4 78ft – Sunreef 80 – Ibiza or Bahamas – from 70,000 Eur per week
APOLLO 99 78ft – Sunreef 80 – from 85,000 Eur per week
XMOTION 78ft – Sunreef 80 – from 70,000 Eur per week
NALANI 78ft – Sunreef 80 – from 74,000 Eur per week
SIETE MARES 78ft – Lagoon 78 power – Caribbean – from 75,500 US$’s per week
ZENIT 78ft – LAGOON 78 power – Sardinia – from 89,000 Eur per week
AEOLUS 77ft – Lagoon 77 – East Caribbean – from 84,000 US$’s per week
ONE PLANET 77ft- Sunreef 80 – Med or Caribbean – from 82,000 US$’s per week
JACK – 76ft – McCohangy – Spain – from 65,000 Eur per week
WONDERFUL – Gunboat 72ft – Greece or Caribbean from 59,000 US$’s per week

Sunreef 80 ABOVE based in GREECE and ready for charter in 2024 and 2025

Fast sailing in demand:
If luxury cruising is not your own thing, and you prefer more of a genuine sailing or even a performance racing while on a holiday, than your first choice could be the JACK, the 23.3metre/76ft fast sailing catamaran that can reach speeds of 18kn while comfortably cruising at 10kn. She also accommodates 8 guests in 4 en suite cabins and is available in Greece, mostly around Mykonos and other Cyclades islands in 2024 while crossing the Atlantic and available for luxury or superyacht transatlantic crossing experiences from Gran Canaria as of November 2024 and than in East Caribbean during the winter season 2024/25.

Sunreef 80 – Otoctone

Whatever your superyacht charter plans, can assist in identifying suitable and avalable boats and provide relevant sailing itineraries and competitive quotes. Consider planning a year ahead as well as most of the high season weeks will be in high demand and availability can be easily compromised. If you want to get the best model, most suitable yacht and best deals it is always recommended to plan at least 6 months in advance. Finally, should you wish to buy one such yacht, we can also advise on new build or purchase of an existing luxury catamaran model with an option to use her privately or to allow her to be part of a charter management fleet accruing some income for you, that would cover most of the costs of ownership. We have such opportunities on luxury catamarans from 46ft onwards.

We wish you a pleasant start to the summer 2024 and look forward to hearing about your plans whatever they are, including long-term charters up to 12 months, transatlantic crossings, one way cross-country sailing alternatives lasting 3-5 weeks or exclusive day charters and corporate events for weekends such as MIPIM, Cannes Film Festival or Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix and Monaco Grand Prix or Monaco Classic Grand Prix.

Superyacht charter for large parties

Bring your extended family, up to 32 guests to a luxury yachting vacation!

When it comes to superyacht charter, or mega yacht charter in most cases family offices, rich households, private individuals or corporate clients look for an established brand of superyacht manufacturers which accommodate 10 or 12 guests and a large number of professional crew in order to enjoy ultimate yachting holiday. These superyachts are usually manufactured by Italian, Dutch or British shipyards such as Benetti, Heesen or Sunseeker. In some cases, usually when it is talk about megayachts or most recently 300ft+ giga yachts, they tend to be manufactured by German shipyards such as Luerssen. While such luxury floating villas are readily available and can be chartered in all major sailing destinations, during the summer in South of France, Amalfi coast or Sardinia in Italy, within the Balearics in Spain or around Greek islands, they tend to be quite expensive and considerable investment is needed to enjoy their splendour. Even when they are available in more secluded and far away destinations such as the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Dubai or even South Pacific, say Kimberley area of Western Australia, the captain will not be allowed to accommodate more than 12 guests on board. To bring an extended family, usually means chartering two or even three yachts and that may prove impossible to finance as the cost will easily quadruple at times.

Access the most beautiful ports in the Adriatic with 150ft+ superyachts catering for 20+ guests

What if you want to bring 20 family members
Where it gets complicated is that by inviting your brother and sister and their kids, the house even on the most exclusive and biggest of them all gets quickly full. Six cabins on an 100ft or on an 250ft superyacht are only going to accommodate 12 guests, regardless if you will pay 80,000 Eur per week or 800,000 Eur per week. Even the most sensible yachts that will allow a number of supernumeraries to be registered as nanny or bodyguard, even though they may be your cousin or his girlfriend, that will only increase number of your family members up to 14 maximum. The answer could be simpler than you think and closer than you can imagine. Croatian built superyachts in the Adriatic!

What are these Croatian superyachts

Built for distinguished parties of 20+ and usually up to around 30 guests, these are superyachts offering similar level of luxury found on any standard mega yacht. With up to around 10 crew, including a professional chef, the main difference is the total cost, cruising speed and to some extend finer attention to details when it comes to serving smaller versus a large group. Take the FREEDOM, a 150ft+ superyacht with 11 luxury cabins and price that is in the region of 100,000 Eur per week. You can bring both your loved ones, up to 23 guests and enjoy a total luxury at 10kn+ cruising speeds, less than 120l/h fuel consumption and levels of luxury found on any other similarly sized superyacht.

Jacuzzi and huge deck space on M/S FREEDOM in the Adriatic

Facilities on board

What will you find on board you may ask yourself? In general, everything you expect from any other type of superyacht for sure. From designer interiors, high quality materials, furnishing and top bed linen for sure. Space on deck will be enormous and cabins will be of reasonable size with all necessary facilities found too. Water toys are many and can always be topped up if needed. We always recommend to charter an additional, even two, superyacht tenders to follow your around as that way you can also bring everyone to more difficult to access bays, anchorages and hidden swimming spots at high speed if need be. The costs will increase of course, yet they will be much less than chartering 2x 150ft superyachts anyway.

Watertoys on board of a superyacht FREEDOM

Final choice of where to enjoy luxury yachting holiday

In any case, given total costs, level of luxury, excellent service and overall value, when it comes to indulging in a superyacht lifestyle and allowing extended family to experience it, nothing beats the offer on boats such as M/S FREEDOM in Croatia. A number of other models are available and all differ from one another in some finer ways, thus you are best advised to get a yacht charter broker from to advise on availability, pricing and subtle differences to find the most suitable luxury yacht for your family.

Fine dining for groups of up to 20+ guests on board of superyachts in Croatia

Is it worth chartering Luxury Power Catamarans instead of a sailing cat ?

Published by Eldin Basic-Williams on 16th November 2023
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 Luxury Yacht charter is an exceptional, if not the very best way to enjoy your well deserved vacation.  Almost nothing beats the serenity and good feeling you get to enjoy at anchor, just before the sunset with lunch settling down and sipping your favourite drink, watching amazing scenery of the bay you have found for yourself and your loved ones and just after a challenging day at the water.  This feeling is usually best achieved after racing event or actively sailing, but equally after hours of snorkelling, jet skiing, diving or surfing.  How you get there is what matters quite often too.

Advantages of Power catamarans
Power catamarans are increasingly popular for their stability and speed of cruising, but also due to space on offer, facilities on board and water toys their carry.  A number of SUP’s, canoes, underwater scooters, even a jet ski and powerful superyacht tender find their space in the storage of an 80ft super power catamaran easily. NEW Sunreef 70 power (2023) based in Croatia, offers almost 300m2 of living space in highest quality of interior design environment and expansive outdoor space, all created for maximum of 8 guests. Water toys extravaganza, as described by owner is on board free to use and 4 professional crew members, including a chef, captain and professional stewardess as well as deckhand engineer take care of all aspects of someone’s sailing holiday. Thus, apart from 2x seabobs with fast charging, e-foil, jet ski, towables, wakeboard, 2x SUP, 2xTwo-seater kayaks, snorkelling gear, floating mats, beach games and water skis for both adults and children, yacht charter guests on this supercat will also enjoy using a 100hp Rib Turbojet Williams tender.  

Sunreef 70 power AMBER ONE which is available for private yacht charters in the Croatian Adriatic

This is bettered only by a few other power catamarans on the charter market, namely the other Sunreef 70 power based in Greece, which also carries yoga mats, dumbbells and spinning bicycle for extra fitness workouts on board or even more luxurious Sunreef 80 power which are usually based in the BVI’s in the Caribbean, the Bahamas or Florida or in most cases when it comes to Mediterranean, in the Greek Cyclades area.  Other boats in this 80ft supercat range include Lagoon 78 power and most recent additions in this range from French shipyard Fountain Pajot. Super catamarans can be chartered in Puerto Rico, Italy and the Balearics too amongst other yachting destinations by now. Frenchwest, a Lagoon 78 power based in the Windward island of Saint Martin throughout the year is one of the prime examples with her available from 55,000 US$’s per week in the Summer months and

High-End super power catamarans
The stability to conquer waves and rougher seas and additional power to escape oncoming weather systems and reach next destination faster than on a sailing catamaran are main advantages of power catamarans. They can also be compared to some prestigious motor yachts from Sunseeker, Azimut or Ferretti, in particular in terms of space and amenities.  This gives power catamarans not only an advantage, but also value both in terms of sales price in case you are considering to buy a new luxury power catamaran or in particular to charter a superyacht for your next yachting vacation in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. 

Watertoys on Lagoon 78 power super cat FRENCHWEST available for charter in the East Caribbean

The ultimate super cats in the power catamaran range are boats such as NAUTI NICKEL or SOL, both SUNREEF 80 power catamarans based in US Virgin Islands or Puertorico respectfully and throughout the summer and winter seasons.  These power catamarans excel in anything that is already an advantage against similarly sized exclusive sailing catamarans or 100ft motor yachts even. Apart from even more space and larger arsenals of water toys, you are likely to find further amenities, such as hydraulic balconies in master suites, a Jacuzzi on top deck and possibly other facilities such as wine coolers and even carbonation systems to make cold seltzer water or trash compactors and use of green cleaning agents such is the case with Nauti Nickel for example.

Best value luxury charter is on power catamarans
All in all, power catamarans are both offering more advantages but also better value in many aspects of a luxury yacht charter holiday.  This is being recongised both by owners and yacht charter guests a like, so that demand for purchasing a new power catamaran or chartering one in all major yacht charter destinations is increasing. As a result, availability of other 60-70ft luxury power catamarans is even higher as a number of Sunreef 60, Fountain Pajot 67s, Lagoon 63 power and even Voyage 650 power cats, available for private yacht charters are increasing across all destinations. This is in particular the case in locations such as Virgin Islands and East Mediterranean and you are well advised to check in value of these boats for charter, and comparing them to standard sailing catamarans from same manufacturers as in most cases, sailing catamarans are likely to run on power of their lower performance engines alone, rather than relying on power of wind.

Top deck, loungers and Jacuzzi on board of luxury Fountain Pajot 67 power cat ChrstiAI MiO in Greece

All in all, when it comes to superyacht hire or luxury yacht charter in general, both exclusivity and value of power catamarans is not to be overlooked.  You are therefore invited to consider these fine superyachts when choosing the most suitable yacht for your next private yacht charter holiday in both the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.  The choice is increasing, value is there and possible discounts are likely to be greater than on comparable sailing catamarans, in particular in out of season periods or for major holidays such as Thanksgiving yacht charters in the Caribbean or the Bahamas or summer school holidays in the Mediterranean.

Exclusive yacht charter offers on luxury and super power catamarans
And finally, if you are looking for something extraordinary, you can also charter an amazing Sunreef 70 power in NEW ZEALAND, a boat whose owners pay special attention to details and where they provide amazing luxury experience when it comes to exploring the Southern Pacific around Auckland bay and the famous Hauraki Gulf. Here you can enjoy not only a discerning owner input but also dozens of islands such as Waiheke or small towns such as Russell town in Bay of Islands. Even more unique is a trip to Galapagos on the 113ft or 148ft power cats that cater for groups of up to 16 guests with rates from 90,000 – 205,000 US$’s will allow you to explore the extraordinary nature and animal world of the Pacific even further.


How to book a mega yacht for GRAND PRIX F1 in Monaco or Abu Dhabi

Formula 1 Racing is ideal event for corporate MEGA YACHT CHARTERS with

Spectacular Business Event on board of your superyacht
The world of superyacht charter is an exceptional one, be it in South of France during peak of the summer, in St Barths during spectacular NEW YEAR welcome or crossing the oceans when seeking ultimate adventure on board of an explorer yacht.  Arguably, it is as spectacular as anywhere during an F1 Grand Prix event.  Come November each year, we are likely to witness an extraordinary convergence of opulence and adrenaline in the Arabian Sea. The Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix roars into action in second part of November with all teams flying in their latest crews, drivers and bolides.

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the United Arab Emirates’ capital city, this regular, yet already iconic event promises an unforgettable blend of high-speed racing and lavish entertainment.  This is where you will want to turn up in a superyacht of your own, as discerning travelers and racing enthusiasts alike are preparing to embark on a journey like no other.  Thus, why not be unique and special, yet fit in by chartering a luxury yacht, immersing yourself in the glamour, excitement, and luxury that the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix super yacht charter experience has to offer.

Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix is second most important superyacht charter destination for events

We at SuperSailYachts see the F1 Grand Prix as the Ultimate Sporting Spectacle worthy of special attention.  As the sun sets over the shimmering Persian Gulf, the Yas Marina Circuit comes alive with the symphony of roaring engines, screeching tyres, and the passionate cheers of thousands of spectators from across the world. The Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix as its officially known, is the ultimate showcase of speed and precision, attracting some of the world’s most renowned F1 drivers and their cutting-edge supercars. Yacht charter guests are usually shown to front-row seats to this breathtaking spectacle, with unparalleled views of the action from the comfort of their private vessels.  Mega yachts with space for up to 200 guests are allowed to enter the port and we stand ready to make suitable arrangements for your business or private party.

Planning such an event for those who demand nothing but the finest experiences, a luxury yacht charter during the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix is the epitome of exclusivity for sure. While there, you will witness plethora of boats, from sleek and modern superyachts to classic and elegant vessels.  Your choice of charter will be limited however as not many yachts are available for hire just before and during the event.  We therefore recommend 6-12 months advance booking in order to have a great choice, a you may expect a myriad of options to be waiting, yet those seeking the perfect blend of style and comfort at one of the grandest events on human calendar may be disappointed to find the choice being very limited. In any case, from the choice given, lavishly appointed interiors, highly personalised service, and state-of-the-art amenities on board of each and every yacht which is available, will ensure that every moment spent aboard is a celebration of the finer things in life.

Hamilton and Verstappen are the F1 racing guru’s in 2020’s, attracting most visitors and business people

Away from the race itself and as the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix extends its magic beyond the racetrack, yacht charter guests can be treated to a variety of exclusive onshore experiences. Setting sail from Yas Marina, superyacht charter clients will have the opportunity to explore the calm waters of the Arabian Gulf. The picturesque coastline of Abu Dhabi offers a stunning backdrop for leisurely cruises, snorkeling adventures, and water sports, providing an idyllic contrast to the high-octane excitement of the Grand Prix. From VIP access to the heart of the action to extravagant after-parties and celebrity-studded events, the city of Abu Dhabi truly comes alive during this thrilling period. World-class dining, luxurious spa treatments, and high-end shopping opportunities are abound, ensuring that every aspect of the trip is tailored to satisfy the most discerning tastes.

If you are a business that is keen to entertain the elite, the wealthy and powerful, this is the event in South East Asia you should consider using.  The Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix superyacht charter experience always promises a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the pinnacle of motorsport while indulging in the highest levels of service, exclusivity and luxury. For those seeking an unparalleled experience that combines the thrill of Formula One with the splendor of yacht chartering, the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix stands as a true testament to the art of living life to its fullest.  To top it all off, a breathtaking firework display, moving forward a splendid drone showcase with up to 20,000 flying objects offering a spectacular display over Yas Marina will provide a fitting finale to an unforgettable yachting and GrandPrix extravaganza for your loved ones or invitees.

After the racing, head to the seas and explore the vast oceans by using many of the water toys on board

If you require a superyacht for your private or corporate yacht charter in Abu Dhabi or Monaco, can provide variety of mega yachts and luxury boats for your requirements.

Big news in Croatia wherever you look!

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What is going on in Croatia most recently !?
The country has joined the Euro first and foremost and for many a traveler, there is no more currency exchange worries or carrying Kuna (HRK) around. This West Balkan country has now joined Western Europe officially too. How, you may ask ? Well, for a start, its in European Union (EU) for almost two decades and from 1st of Jan 2023, when the country made Euro its main currency, it also joined the Schengen area. This is the area covering most of Europe, central and Western at least and includes 23 countries (out of total of 27 in the EU) that have officially abolished all passport and any other types of border controls. As a result, investors are rushing to Croatia and big projects such as LNG Terminal on island of Krk are getting priority treatment.

Lagoon Sixty 5 – Latest luxury catamarans available mostly in Split and Dubrovnik

Superyacht charter versus development of other industries and projects
What’s with the Croatia yacht charter or specifically luxury and superyacht charters you may ask!? Well, nothing much has changed since last year as VAT/PDV remains 13% for now and choice of yachts available for private yacht charter holidays has not increased by a huge numbers just yet. However, if you start looking at other signs of change, you can see them everywhere. Johnson&Johnson have brought the latest, 3rd generation of laser eye surgery to the country, which promises removal of dioptry, or need to wear glasses or lenses, in as short as 17 seconds, with recovery lasting only a few hours. Rimac, that famous Bosnian who thanks to his Croatian heritage moved his riches to Zagreb surroundings, has become part owner of both Porsche and Bugatti, some of the most famous supercar names in the world. He has brought investments into the country worth billions, directly and indirectly, and little towns such as Donje Selo or Sveta Nedjelja near Zagreb are developing fast.

When it comes to yachting, Rovinj has always been a great destination for summer holidays and yacht charter parties alike. It is now, finally one may add, a luxury motor yacht Mecca for everyone who is anyone in Europe and amongst fast cruising boating public. If you own or are keen to charter a 60-80ft luxury motor yacht, one place to look for is ACI marina Rovinj for sure. Dining has become exclusive, events are available during the whole summer and services are increasing by the day. Istria as a whole is quickly developing into new Tuscany with wine tasting and olive growing becoming a highly branded industry.

Relaxing with a view on board of a Sealine motor boat which charters out of an Istrian port near Rovinj

Around Croatia
Down South, Dubrovnik is now probably a summer destination No1. in the World and everything there is on another planet when compared to the rest of Croatia. Direct flights from USA are available for the first time ever and all tourist brochures around the world mention Dubrovnik, if not Croatia. That said, the rest, including Rovinj is fast catching up. Properties in Croatia are now at a premium and all new developments mostly aim at 5-star clientele, who are looking to buy a villa from 500,000 Eur onward or luxury apartments and pethouses from 250,000 Eur onward. Mind you, you are going to hit a jackpot if you find anything below 200,000 Eur with 2-bedrooms, sea view and with luxury amenities. Some have started to compare the Dalmatia to Amalfi coast, Istria to Tuscany, and Dubrovnik to South of France indeed.

Back to yachting, as we know, sailing was always about escapism, safe and secluded anchorages, little to no crowds and some sort of exclusivity. You can still get all this. You just need to look a bit more for it and avoid last two weeks of July and first 3 weeks of August though. With 1000+ islands, some quite remote, albeit accessible for yachting community, that’s the paradise you will be seeking.

Kadena – one of the typical luxury gullets available for crewed yacht charters out of Dalmatian ports

Islands of Croatia
As a yachtee, you will want to head out into the sea and islands such as Korcula come to mind first. Far enough from the coast to ensure crowds stay away for most part of the year, Korcula is exclusive enough to attract many visitors that create fabulous atmosphere on this spectacular location. Korcula town and Lumbarda are simply stunning for cultural explorations or nights out. Rugged as most other coastal areas in Croatia, Korcula is mesmerising. Sandy beaches may not be many around, but you will want to jump off board anyway and as soon as you have found your own paradise or secluded anchorage.

Those on superyachts or motor yachts, will want to go even further and Lastovo archipelago is probably just the right choice. With few developments and restaurants, it is a location for the connoisseurs and those keen on diving, snorkelling or big game fishing experiences. De-luxe private BBQ parties on one of the islets surrouding Lastovo is a dream come through for all who have made it and can turn up on a superyacht in Croatia, looking for that special experience with their loved ones. Dubrovnik from here is only a few hours cruise and remote islands of Vis and Bisevo, with its famous Blue Grotto or Plava Spilja is not far away either. National Park Mljet does attract huge number of tourists throughout the year, yet is is so peaceful, natural and beautiful that it should be on your radar too. These are all so called, Split islands or locations you would visit en route to Dubrovnik. With Brac and its famous Bol beach and Hvar known for high-end nightlife, beach clubs and celebrities you can round up your spectacular Croatian mega yacht itinerary.

Further North, 150 islands of Kornati archipelago, or Pag and Dugi Otok are different kind of locations, as they are even less developed or at least with less 5-star hotels, resorts and exclusivity. If you are not a party animal, not keen on Michelin star restaurants, high prices and over the top show offs, but are keen on total escapism, tranquility or even a bit of remoteness or primitivism, these are the islands for you. Pag has the famous Zrce beach catering for youngsters who party all day, every day, but if you avoid it, it’s just a spectacular windsurfing destination. Greatest choice of yachts may also be found in the towns around, Sibenik, Zadar or Vodice and Biograd and adding famous locations such as Krka Waterfalls and fast developing town of Rogoznica to your itinerary, could round up a spectacular North Dalmatia sailing plan for any kind of yacht charter client.

No. 1 Yachting Destination?
Whatever your choice, Croatia is increasingly becoming destination No1 for sailing community, event though one can argue that it already is. For a start, its probably a sailing destination with most charter yachts in the Mediterranean, at least those from 35-55ft. Admittedly, France, Greece and Italy are likely still more popular luxury yachting destinations with greater number of superyachts and definitely mega yachts. Indeed, mega yachts above 200ft are still a rare sight in the Adriatic and giga yachts, those that may cost from 500,000 Eur + per week are hitting the Dalmatian coast only if the owner is on board in most cases. If you are keen on being one of the first to turn up on one of the biggest yachts, maybe it’s time to consider your choices. Yachts up to 150m and with price tage of up to 2 million Euros per week can be chartered in the Adriatic on request. For those with acceptable megayacht budget, yachts such as Rocket One, the 37.5m/121ft Gulf Craft superyacht may also be readily available with rates from 150,000 Eur / week.

Rocket ONE – Mega yacht cruising during the summer months in the Mediterranean

Whatever your plans in terms of superyacht charters or luxury yachting holidays in the Mediterranean, Croatia should be playing big part in your discussions. Split, Zadar, Pula and Dubrovnik airports have flights from all major cities around the World and airport transfers in most cases last less than 30minutes. When booking a mega yacht or any other type of luxury yacht, you will also get a special treatment, cocktail or champagne welcome drinks and friendly yet professional superyacht charter welcome. Luxury yachts can be booked throughout the week, and not only from Saturday to Saturday, and access to Slovenia, Gulf of Trieste and Venice in Italy or Montenegro in the South is available on most yachts.

Get hooked up; come to Croatia and bring your Euros with you.

————————————————————————————————— are available on email, whatsapp and on request even in person at your house or apartment in London or elsewhere in the UK for a personalised, private presenation on yachts on offer.

NEW superyachts for 10 guests which charter in 2023!

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Travelling by a superyacht or a mega yacht is an experience like no other. The freedom and exclusivity are not to be compared with anything else, and with excellent crew and knowledgeable captains, you will be able to wake up to a new destination and amazing view each day, while being pampered and taken care of as a prince and princess. Dedicated chef, on some yachts also a personal trainer, a masseuse, and on request a nanny or concierge or now even a mentor or a cornerman, can be hired to ensure that every single moment of your vacation time is well-planned, perfectly executed and harmonised with your expectations.

ROCKET ONE, 120ft superyacht charters in both South of France as well as the Bahamas

Choosing a yacht
One of the most important choices to make, before going on a luxury yachting holiday, is to choose a suitable yacht. Many classics, older but refitted boats or in general any kind of superyacht, or especially a megayacht, are certainly great options. The superyacht charter market in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, in particular the Bahamas is saturated, so much so that one can have a good choice, especially if boats are booked 6 months in advance at least. However, to be in with the latest trends, designs, even feng-shui at times, choosing the latest models launched this or last year is the only choice for some. This blog therefore looks at superyachts or megayachts launched recently and available for private yacht charters during the summer season 2023 and the winter season 2023/24.

M/Y TOGETHER, San Lorenzo’s sublime superyacht to be based in Naples, Italy

New Yachts suitable for parties of 10 guests
First, most such yachts are for some specific reasons mostly available in the Bahamas. One of the rare megayachts, recently launched and available for charter is M/Y RISING DAWN. And while a number of other boats, such as the PROJECT X, the 88metre Golden Yacht with 28 crew on board (from 1,1 million US$’s/week) and 74.85metre long KENSHO, launched by Admiral – The Italian Sea Group, with 20 crew on board (from 850,000 Eur/week) are probably the biggest, they are typically seen as gigayachts reserved for only the richest amongst the UHNWI 1%. As a result they cannot feature in this blog but can get a deserved mention as probably the most luxurious NEW yachts on the charter market in 2023. Going back to RISING DAWN, she is usually available in the Bahamas and charters from 200,000 US$’s per week. Accommodating up to 12 guests in 6 cabins, she will also accept charters in the East Caribbean, including Virgin Islands on request. This Gulf Craft Majesty 140 has 4 double and 2 twin cabins and is ideal extended family gatherings, anniversaries, special occasions or 4 x couples getting together to share a megayacht charter experience.

Winner of several prestigious awards, Majesty 140 features fold down balcony, SkyLounge and 9 crew

M/Y PRINCESS MELDA, a custom built 137ft is next in line and she mostly cruises in Turkish Mediterranean Sea. On request available in Greece, this superyacht also features 6 cabins for 12 guests and charters from 110,000 Eur per week. She is not as exclusive as 60-metre megayacht COME TOGETHER, launched by Dutch shipyard Amels which charters from 450,000 US$’s per week (also available for sale from 69,5 million Euros), or even M/Y NORTHERN ESCAPE, the Benetti 40.8-metre megayacht with 8 crew and available from 215,000 Eur/week, yet is an impressive superyacht worth considering by anyone looking for good value new boat in East Mediterranean.

Plenty of watertoys are on board of PRINCESS MELDA, the 137-ft custom superyacht based in Turkiye

Similarly exclusive and as new as the Princess Melda is the sublime ROCKET ONE. Another NEW Majesty by GulfCraft shipyard, this 120ft superyacht charters from 175,000 US$’s per week and spends her summer in Monaco, while cruising South of France and others parts of the West Mediterranean with a plan to head to the Bahamas during the winter months. Featuring 4x Queen sized cabins and 2 twins, she also accommodates more than 10 guests comfortably, although twin cabins are ideal for singles or teenagers. Cruising at 12kn, she can also hit higher speeds of 20kn and therefore offer ideal itineraries between Portofino on Italian Riviera and St Tropez alongside Cote d’Provence, allowing full exploration of Cote d’Azur beach clubs during what will ideally be a 2 week exclusive superyacht rental amongst the most famous coast in the world. Both Princess Melda and Rocket One can be classed as mega yachts too as their volume, charter rates, features and crew fit into both high-end superyacht range and lower end megayacht range.

Genuine new superyachts
A number new superyachts will be cruising this year both the Mediterranean and the Caribbean as well. If not the best, one of the most exclusive of them all is certainly M/Y TOGETHER. Launched by San Lorenzo shipyard, this 117ft superyacht features 5 guest cabins, 3 of which are doubles and is run by a crew of 6. Chartering from 110,000 Eur/week she will be ideal for extensive cruising of Amalfi coast first and foremost. Islands such as Capri, Ischia and Procida will definitely be en route and one way cruises to Aeolian archipelago or Sicily will be considered most likely.

Italian shipyard SAN LORENZO manufactures extremely stylish, modern and exclusive superyachts

A number of other superyachts, yet to be launched this year, or cruising since last year, are placed nicely in this range too. Some of them are ROMEO FOXTROT, the 116ft Hargrave built in the USA and available in the Bahamas from 160,000 US$’s per week or 110ft FREEDOM, built by HORIZON shipyard and to be in charter out of Miami in Florida or Newport, Rhode Island. FREEDOM charges rom only 100,000 US$’s per week w hich makes her one of the best value new superyachts on the charter market today. This is clearly visible in direct comparison with ROMEO FOXTROT as they are of similar size, almost identical cruising speed and both accommodate 10 guests in 5 well designed staterooms. Add to this amazing array of water toys and fast, as well as very luxurious superyacht tender and FREEDOM suddenly turns into an absolute bargain when it comes to superyacht charter value.

M/Y FREEDOM – 110ft Horizon superyacht with her superyacht tender and numerous water toys.

When it comes to a superb value, or indeed a fantastic deal, OCEAN VIEW, yet another Gulf Craft Majesty model is certainly worth mentioning. Chartering from only 90,000 US$’s per week, she too cruises in the Bahamas during the winter months and in the West Mediterranean in the summer. At 104ft, with very modern and minimalist interior as well as absolute maximum daylight in the interior due to full length, floor to ceiling glass windows and light materials used, she is a top notch recommendation. For those keen on long-term yacht charters on board of a superyacht or extended sabbatical holidays with professional crew, she is one to consider.

Custom built 85ft superyacht SIMAY M charters from only 21,000 Eur/week in Turkiye, East Med

In terms of Transatlantic crossing, the range on most of these superyachts is sufficient to take them across comfortably. As a result, some will also consider a special Atlantic crossing deal in late October or early November, en route from East to West or in April and May en route West to East. Why wouldn’t you consider going across one year and achieving a big goal once in your lifetime ? MAREA LA NAUTICA, the 88ft Azimut launched in 2022 and chartering from 80,000 US$’s per week, or PEARL, the super-exclusive San Lorenzo’s 96ft-er, both cruising around the Bahamas and Exumas, are some of other new motor yachts accommodating 10 guests and that are launched in last 12 months. However, despite a number of other such yachts in many regions across all major sailing destinations, the lowest priced and in some way absolute best value is SIMAY M, custom built 85ft superyacht cruising in Turkiye which is available from only 21,000 Eur/week. Accommodating up to 10 guests and cruising at 10kn, she is lovely looking modern boat with great facilities, excellent crew and superb, probably best value amongst all superyachts launched in the last 12 months and chartering to general public.

OCEAN VIEW master suite – sublime minimalist interior with excellent daylight and panoramic views

Whatever your choice of a superyacht, megayacht, or even a gigayacht if desired and affordable, there are a few NEW such yachts launched in 2022 or 2023 and ready and available for private yacht charters. They are mostly based in the Caribbean during the winter months or in the Mediterranean, sometimes in the Indian Ocean or Australia and East Coast of USA during the summer months. You can rely on SuperSailYachts as your exclusive broker to source out the best and newest yachts, thus hopefully this blog will have given you ideas where to start your search.

NEW Sunreef catamarans, launched in the last 12 months and which charter in 2023!

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Published by Eldin Basic (TpMBA)
Senior Charter Broker at

When it comes to most popular charter yachts, luxury boats and superyachts, there is only one name at the moment. Sunreef Yachts. Fountain Pajot and Cata Lagoon as well as a few other niche brands do play a part in the market, yet on a superyacht level, other than a Lagoon 77, nothing much is of major interest. The 145ft Hemisphere remains the only megayacht amongst catamarans, yet she is the lone player as for now no other 100ft+ super cats are available for charters. And while recently announced Sunreef 100 Eco, a sustainable super cat with electric engines, composite-integrated solar cells and the best marine superstructure worldwide, is not yet launched, similarly exclusive, stylish and prestigious catamarans are already cruising within the hotspots of the most interesting sailing destinations.

RELENTLESS II 80 – The best even SUNREEF 80 super cat chartering in the Virgin Islands

Take for example RELENTLESS II 80, a sublime Sunreef 80 which is usually cruising the Virgin Islands. Permanently based in St Thomas, USVI’s and available from just above 90,000 US$’s per week on an all inclusive basis, this is the most desirable supersailyacht available for private charters at this moment in time. And while strict covid-19 rules apply to all guests, with vaccination being a must, the design of this boat simply leaves no room for exclusions. Professional masseuse takes care of the times when you need extra attention and when mental health may need a boost, chef pampers you and keep you perfectly fed, as one guest put it, and crews knowledge of the islands, their energy, kindness and knowledge are second to none. Where else can you get a perfect Michelin star lunch served on board to enjoy both the food and perfect view and just after you had a massage or before you head to the water to enjoy spectacular snorkelling experience? This can only be available on a supercat such as RELENTLESS II 80 and at a rate of 100,000 US$’s all inclusive for 8 guests it’s a steal. If you add an opportunity to fly with owners private jet, albeit at an extra cost and enjoy rain showers on deck, after an exhaustive exploration of islands while sailing, water skiing and swimming and than being pampered by what industry may call best crew in the superyacht industry and you will want to return very soon indeed.

OHANA’s dining on Flybridge – one of the most exclusive and newest Sunreef 80 sailing catamarans

Similarly exclusive are two other Sunreef 80’s. One is OHANA, the same type of a super cat sailing boat and the other is PRONTO, a 78ft power cat based on Paradise island within the Bahamas. The differences between OHANA and RELENTLESS II 80 are minimal, yet at the same time huge. Both are as exclusive as a Sunreef 80 sailing catamarans can get, with OHANA being based in the Virgin Islands, featuring a hot tub, 4x guest cabins, similar charter rates as RELENTLESS II 80 and much more. OHANA may even go a step further with 2x seabobs on board and scuba diving equipment for those keen on diving directly off the boat. With accommodation for 10 guests in 5 cabins, she can also be seen as better value.

As some superyacht charter parties may prefer to cruise at faster speeds and be pampered by an extra crew member, wouldn’t PRONTO be the way to go? With 2xV8 MAN 1200HP engines offering double the cruising speeds of sailing catamarans and carrying what can only be described as a proper superyacht chase boat, the 37ft Axopar Sun Top as well as a SeaDoo GTX Waverunner, the PRONTO takes exclusivity of super cat luxury to yet another level. What other boat will offer such a modern, prestigious, exclusive and spacious environment allowing you to explore the Bahamas and Exumas during your regular Thanksgiving sailing getaway or New Year yachting party ?

Spectacular saloon on board of rare Sunreef 78 power PRONTO which is cruising in the Bahamas

Mediterranean based super cats and Sunreef Yachts:
When it comes to the Mediterranean, sailing on Sunreef yachts gets even more interesting. The choice of Sunreef catamarans is greater; itineraries even more historic, exclusive and diverse. VIVA LA VIDA, a NEW Sunreef 80 based in Sardinia or the Balearic’s is the go to get super cat. Charter rates start from 70,000 Eur with local VAT adding a minimum of 20-24% with all expenses on top. Not very economical for sure, yet at this super cat level, nothing is out of ordinary and VIVA LA VIDA is not to be missed if you are keen to party in Ibiza or shop in Porto Cervo.

AGATA BLU – 75ft super cat launched in 2023 and available in East Mediterranean

In case you would need to accommodate 10 guests, I am sure we can arrange one of the other Sunreef 80’s launched in 2020 or 2021 and which have such a layout. There are at least two such catamarans around indeed. If you still prefer latest 2022-23 models, AGATA BLU in Greece is the way to go. Available from only 54,000 Eur (plus VAT and APA) she is a great value 75ft supercat. Her superyacht crew of 4 will usually take you on a one way cruise from Athens – Mykonos with optional stopover on Santorini for those fabulous sunsets and mesmerising views. STILL ALIVE, another Sunreef 70 (2022) model is even more flexible, as they will cruise both the Caribbean waters, usually between the Grenadines and St Barths, as well as the Mediterranean, most likely Italy or Sardinia and Corsica regions. Whichever Sunreef 70 super cat you choose; will ensure you get the best value, great service and top notch attention at all times. At least we would like to think so; wouldn’t you !?

Exclusive aft deck on board of YGO – The latest Sunreef 60 cruising the West Mediterranean

Luxury Sunreef Catamarans:
Not every yacht is a superyacht or a super cat. Alegria 67’s by Fountain Pajot, NEW Lagoon SIXTY 5’s and well maintained older Lagoon 620’s or Samana 59’s do offer more of a competition to Sunreef 60’s in this range however. YGO and YLIME are newest SUNREEF 60’s, both usually cruising the West Mediterranean and offering accommodation for up to 8 guests in 4 en suite cabins. Absolutely the most popular luxury sailing catamarans on the planet, these are great value de-luxe charter boats in everyone’s book. The looks, designs, colours and space on board of these exclusive multihulls are unbeatable. If you are keen to impress and be impressed at an affordable rate on a luxury yacht that may not be a superyacht, but is definitely a prestigious and luxury platform for your yachting experience, these are the boats to turn to. All-around sailing leisure yachts, with completely refreshed superstructure that offers recognisable high bulwarks and classy exterior lines, these charter yachts underscore the modern lifestyles on the water. Buyers of such new vessels can enjoy outstanding options when it comes to customisation, and in order to make their boat as unique as it gets. With 36m2 room, the spacious flybridge is the piece de resistance on these boats and when cruising, most clients will simply want to enjoy vistas provided from these elevated and unique platforms. Join them and charter one of the Sunreef 60’s in 2023 too !

Mastersuite on board of latest Sunreef 60 YLIME based on the French island of Corsica

Finally, the smallest amongst the exclusive Sunreef yachts line up are Sunreef 50 sailing catamarans. SWEET DREAMS and ZARA are the latest models, both cruising the Southern Adriatic shores, islands and coastlines. One way charters between Dubrovnik and Split will be the most interesting itineraries with islands such as Hvar, Korcula and Brac having the most interesting anchorages, peaceful bays and busy stopovers. Where else can you enjoy a luxury of a Sunreef styling, Dalmatian spirit and fine dining than on board of one of these de-luxe sailing catamarans ? If you are keen on a long-term charter and sabbatical sailing holiday, renting a Sunreef catamaran for 4-8 weeks before deciding to purchase one is the way to go for sure and both these lend themselves as perfect options to do so. We invite you to consider transatlantic crossings on one of the Sunreef yachts too, as in all sizes we can offer such experiences with start in the Canary islands, around the start of November each year, and arriving in St Lucia or Martinique 3-4 weeks later. The charter rates vary but in general start from around 60,000 Eur and can go as high as 125,000 Eur plus any VAT and APA per crossing.

NEW Sunreef 50 SWEET DREAMS chartering in the Croatian Adriatic

To charter any of the Sunreef catamarans, including super cats such as SUNREEF 80 or luxury boats such as Sunreef 60, you can always rely on who will also guide you in creating a unique sailing itinerary, bespoke alergie-free menu and with exclusive on shore excursion tips not available anywhere else. We can also arrange purchase of any new boats directly from the shipyard and this includes newest Sunreef 80 Eco, Sunreef Eco 100 and Sunreef 140 models, all of which can be customised and bought with a suitably negotiated discount.

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Sunseeker motor yachts available for luxury private charters in 2023!

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Published by Eldin Basic (MBA)

When it comes to yachting lifestyles and exclusivity, owning or regularly chartering a Sunseeker yacht, is one of the most prestigious experiences. Since its inception in late 1960’s, the shipyard built dreams, according to the founder Robert Braithwaite. Always seeking to build highest quality motor yachts, Sunseeker strive to revolutionise the motor yacht industry and first and foremost give the clients designs and features they want.

Always putting emphasis on quality, but first and foremost high performance, enjoyment as well as lots of fun, any Sunseeker yacht is seen as an object of desire, top quality and prestige. Currently building yachts in the range from 38-161ft, most of the models can also be chartered out, some even on a daily basis, others on a longer term yacht charter basis. Whatever your preferences or desires, the hope is this blog will give you a specific overview of what is available amongst recently launched, less than 10 years Sunseeker models.

The Suneeker Range
Current Sunseeker range includes the following;
– Performance models from 38-55ft,
– Predator range from 55-74ft range,
– Sport Yacht from 65-75ft,
– Manhattan range from 55-68ft,
– Yacht range from 76-100ft,
– Ocean range from 80-164ft,
– Superyacht range from 116-131ft

All models are available for purchase and charter management even, yet not every single one is part of charter fleets sadly. As a result, you may have to choose next best thing to test sail your preferred model in case you wish to considering buying one. If you are just after regular motor yacht charter holiday though, the choice can be easier and here is a selection of currently available boats.

Yacht 40-metre NEXUS (2019)
Cabins/Guests: 5/12 Cruising/Max Speed: 16/20

Cruising mostly in the West Mediterranean between the South of France and Italian Riviera, this Sunseeker 131 yacht can be chartered in Sardinia, Corsica and on request in Sicily. She charters from 180,000 Eur per week in low season and 190,000 Eur per week in high season. Featuring a vast skylounge, Jacuzzi on top deck, luxury Williams Tender 565 which can reach high maximum speed of almost 50kn; she is your ideal choice for ultimate superyacht charter in the most exclusive European hotspots, between Saint Tropez and Portofino.

Skylounge on the superyacht NEXUS, Sunseeker’s 40 metre yacht based in West Mediterranean

Yacht 30-metre MIRRACLE (2018)
Cabins/Guests: 4/8 Cruising/Max Speed: 18/26

M/Y MIRRACLE is a rare Sunseeker 90 yacht based in the Florida, USA. Offering superyacht charters around Florida, toward the Keys archipelago and even the Bahamas on request, she is one of the most spectacular Sunseeker yachts on the charter market today. Cruising at 18kn, she carries a wonderful 29ft Everglades superyacht tender and features a Jacuzzi on fly as well as 4x guest cabins. MIRRACLE charters from 57,000 US$’s per week plus all expenses in low season. Her open plan layout is ideal for extensive cruising making her one of the best Sunseeker yachts on the charter market today.

M/Y MIRRACLE – Sunseeker’s 95 superyacht based on East Coast of Florida in the USA

Yacht 28-metre NEW EDGE (2018)
Cabins/Guests: 5/10 Cruising/Max Speed: 18/25

Unique in many ways, NEW EDGE is one of the most interesting Sunseeker Yachts available for charter today. Based in the Turkish Mediterranean during the summer months, she is heading through Red Sea and Egypt’s coast toward Dubai every winter. Accommodating up to 10 guests in 5 x cabins, she is also very good value at 80,000 Eur/week in low season and from 90,000 Eur per week in high season. With range of 1490miles and low fuel consumption of only 200litres she is an exceptional superyacht.

NEW EDGE, Sunseeker’s 95 superyacht chartering in East Mediterranean and Dubai

Yacht 86ft SYNERGY (2017)
Cabins/Guests: 4/8 Cruising/Max Speed: 15/22

Virgin Islands are seen as one of, if not the most exclusive yachting destinations in the world. Combine that with a unique, special Sunseeker yacht and you get an unbeatable combination of style, luxury and exclusivity. M/Y SYNERGY is a yacht dreams are made of. Launched in 2017, she remains a spectacular Sunseeker Yachting 86 with 4 guest cabins and 15kn cruising speed. Carrying a 26ft NauticStar superyacht tender around and chartering from 55,000 US$’s per week plus all expenses, she welcomes any types of superyacht charters, including groups of couples, families, celebrity cruises or gay parties. Based in St Thomas in the US Virgin islands, her itinerary will also cover BVI’s and on request one ways towards Anguilla or to St Barths for infamous NEW YEAR parties.

Sunseeker 86 superyacht ”SYNERGY” cruising Virgin Islands in the Caribbean

Yacht 78ft (23.6m) HIDEWAY I (2018)
Cabins/Guests: 5/10 Cruising/Max Speed: 20/29

A couple of Sunseeker 78ft flybridge yachts are also in charter in the Mediterranean. One, MIKEL ANGELO is based in South of France and as the HIDEAWAY I which is based in Split region of Croatia, she charters during the summer season mostly. Charter rates on both yachts are around 50,000 Eur per week plus APA and VAT although lower rates will apply during the out of season months. HIDEAWAY I cruises at 20kn and can reach speeds of close to or above 30kn while service is provided by a crew of 3. A third similar Sunseeker 78ft, GOLDEN OURS is based in Florida during the winter months and cruises towards NEWPORT/RI alongside Eastern coast of USA for the summer months.

Sunseeker’s flybridge luxury motor yacht HIDEAWAY I at anchorage in Croatian Adriatic

And in case you are looking for a model not featured on here, you can also enquire directly for a specific yacht of interest. For example OCEAN 460 is one of the latest models. This spectacular tri-deck, semi-displacement superyacht, features a vertical bow and round-bilge hull that creates an enormous interior volume, which is also hidden in the name of the model. At only 42metres in lenght , 3 metres longer than her Sunseeker Yacht 131 sistership, she offers 25% more space which as a result allows her to cruise at 21kn and has more than 3,000 miles range. With reduced noise despite MAN 12V twin engines, this superyacht is being made on order for the most sophisticated HNWI and UHNWI individuals, couples and families who are keen to lay their hands on a spectacular, light, ultra-modern and stylish superyacht.

For more yacht charter options not featured in this blog, you can visit the search section of the web site on

How much does it cost to charter a superyacht !?

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Published by Eldin Basic (TpMBA)

To charter a superyacht, one has to plan with a considerable expense of around 50,000 Eur per week, for the charter fee alone, with expenses coming on top. However, in order to understand the pricing of a yacht, any yacht, let alone a superyacht, one has to define it first. For a start, we can say that there are yachts, luxury yachts, superyachts, megayachts and gigayachts on the charter market. Yachts tend to be any boats from 40ft upwards, but that will have an owner on board or they may just be bareboat yachts without any crew. When it comes to chartering a luxury yacht, in most cases we assume this to be crewed yacht with a captain and hostess or chef/hostess. Such yachts are usually around 50-65ft in size, and in most cases tend to be monohulls or catamarans, at times motor yachts.

A typical example of such a yacht is a new Bali 5.4 sailing catamaran, a cat such as Privilege 510 Signature, smaller Oyster sailing yacht of around 60ft or even bigger Hanse yachts such as Hanse 588 or Hanse 675. Amongst motor yachts these are boats such as Sunseeker Manhattan 55 and even Manhattan 68 or Sunseeker Predator 60 Evo or Predator 65. All these yachts may be in a different price range when it comes to buying them outright; 50ft catamarans from around 1 – 1,5 million Euros, 58ft sailing boats at half that price probably and 65ft motor yachts at twice the rate or well above 2 million in any case. All of them are crewed by 2 or maybe 3 crew however and that does not classify them as superyachts, but only as luxury yachts.

Interior of a superyacht where you can expect four crew yacht members taking care of all your wishes

On the other end, the range between a superyacht and megayacht for example is huge potentially, while giga yachts have their own exclusive place in this pyramid. Gigayachts are simply out of this world boats that most of us, even those UHNW individuals who belong amongst 1%, do not own or will never charter. Gigayachts are in other words extremely exclusive, almost untouchable. Arguably, one can say that these yachts are exclusively owned by multi-billionaires who tend to keep them off-the-grid and private for their own entertainment. Most of these cannot be chartered in other words, although there has been some movement in the recent years with sublime 162 metre or 533 feet ECLIPSE, the boat launched in 2009 by prestigious German shipyard Blohm & Voss, offered for so called giga yacht charters. Accommodating 36 guests in 18 spectacular staterooms, all serviced by a staggering number of crew of 70 she is priced at a rate from around 2 million Euros per week.

Other giga yachts falling into this range are:
– 126 metre OCTOPUS by Luerssen which costs from 2,2 million Euro per week
– 108 metre IJE by Benetti which costs from 1,8 million Euro per week
– 93 metre LADY S by Feadship available from 1,47 million Euro per week
– 85.5 metre SUNRAYS by Oceanco which costs from 1,15 million Euro per week
– 88 metre PROJECT X by Golden Yachts available from 1,1 million Euro per week
– 86 metre MAN OF STEEL by Oceanco available from 1,2 million Euro per week
– 90 metre PHOENIX 2 by Luerssen available from 1 million Euro per week
– 89 metre CLOUD 9 by Oceanco available from 1,1 million Euro per week
– 91.5 metre TRANQUILITY by Oceanco available from 1,1 million Euro per week
– 95 metre O’PARI by Golden Yachts available from 1 million Euro per week
– 83.5 metre SAVANNAH by Feadship available from 1 million Euro per week
or even boats such as KENSHO, a 74.85 metre giga yacht by Admiral which only costs from 850,000 Eur per week

Apart from enormous costs, probably starting from around 500,000 Eur per week plus expenses, the giga yachts would also distinguish themselves from other yachts by number of crew which would be at least 20 and above all else their size and specific features such as helicopter landing pads, a swimming pool, wheelchair access and most recently a supercar garage.

ECLIPSE, or any of those listed above and classified as giga yachts are hardly an example of a superyacht though and therefore provide poor insight into what it costs to charter a superyacht. Going a step back therefore, one has to discount mega yachts from this equation too, as they tend to be boats of around 150ft+, ones that cost from around 150,000 Eur per week and up to 1/2 million Euros per week or onward. Some of these 150ft to approximately 250ft yachts can indeed be classed as superyachts, especially if they are lower priced classics, luxury gullets, converted tug boats, explorer yachts or similar, average priced superyachts. It is therefore already clear that to charter a superyacht one has to plan with an expenses of up to around 150,000 Eur as anything above that is likely to fit the mega yacht market. Those luxury motor yachts featured in the Below Deck TV programme, charter from around 140,000 – 220,000 US$’s per week for example. One can class the lower priced as a superyacht, but the higher priced as a mega yacht. This is mainly due to the size, but also age of the boat and resulting number of the crew. Thus, mega yachts tend to be charter boats with at least 6 crew and costing well above 150,000 Eur per week. Mega yachts are likely to have most of the facilities and features such as giga yachts, but will lack in extraordinary size, crew numbers being up to around 20 and their accessibility and pricing being much greater so that HNWI can also afford to charter them.

LEGEND – a 77metre or 253ft giga yacht that mostly charters in Northern Hemipshere

Going back to the subject of the blog, a superyacht can also be an 80ft luxury sailing yacht such as OYSTER 825, CNB 90 or Southern Wind 100. All these yachts tend to be crewed by 4 crew, a distinguished captain, professional chef, a deckhand or an engineer and a professional hostess. Having four crew, rather than 2 or 3 on board is therefore probably the best way to distinguish from a luxury yacht charter and a superyacht charter. New Sunreef 70 sailing catamaran is as an example crewed by 4 members, while a smaller Fountain Pajot 67 Alegria tends to have 3 crew in most cases. The difference in size is only 3ft on paper, yet difference in purchase price is much higher, probably 100% given that Alegria 67 is definitely a boat that costs well below 3 million Euros (mind-boggling price anyway) yet a Sunreef 70 is probably a 5million+ supercat for sure.

This brings is nicely to a definition of a superyacht. A luxury yacht that is crewed by 4 crew, amongst who are both chef and an engineer as well as a captain and a deckhand or stewardess. If you have chartered a luxury boat with 3x crew yet it was a 100ft sailing boat, an 80ft motor yacht or a 70ft catamaran, they are likely to be classed as superyachts by their size and cost of purchase, yet as an experience, quality of service and formal atmosphere on board were probably that of a luxury yacht rather than a superyacht.

Usual set up on a fly bridge of a superyacht with a Jacuzzi and plenty of bath towels and pillows

The costs of chartering superyacht is therefore starting somewhere around 50,000 Eur per week during low season and more during peak of the season. A new Lagoon 65, similar to Alegria 67 is likely to cost around 40,000 Eur during high season. A Hanse 588 is likely to cost below 20,000 Eur while an Oyster 595 or even an Oyster 675 are unlikely to cost more than 25,000 or 35,000 Eur per week respectively. In order to plan and budget for a superyacht charter therefore, we recommend that you plan with at least 50,000 Eur on the charter fee alone with VAT likely to take another 10-20% and APA Expenses or costs of charter a further 20-40% depending on the itinerary or the type of yacht (20% for a sailing boat = 10,000 Eur and 40% or 20,000 Eur for a fast cruising motor yacht such as Sunseeker 88 Yacht or Ferretti Yacht 1000.

So there we go, a superyacht is first and foremost a luxury yacht crewed with at least 4 crew. In order to experience a superyacht charter, you will probably need to plan with a total cost of around 60,000 – 100,000 Eur as a minimum and you will need to charter a modern boat such as Sunreef 70, Lagoon 77 or Sunreef 80 amongst sailing catamarans, a Sunseeker Yacht 100, a Ferretti Yacht 920 or Infinito 90 or bigger and an Oyster 885 S11 or Oyster 125 amongst sailing yachts. Some de-luxe gullets may cost only 20,000 Eur and have up to 5 crew on board, may even include a concierge or a 6th crew with more water toys on board than on any more luxurious superyacht, yet they may not qualify as superyachts or as a superyacht charter experience simply due to quality of accommodation, professionalism of some of the crew or general set up as an informal yacht charter experience. For the gullet to qualify as a superyacht therefore, she needs to be an exclusive yacht with 5-star accommodation, at least 6 crew and bigger than 125ft.

A luxury 80ft cat, but not a super yacht

High-end superyachts are likely to be models from all of the above named shipyards at around 125-150ft and costing well above 100,000 Eur per week in total. Above 150ft or 45metres on newer boats, we can start talking about mega yachts and their cost is likely to be 150,000 Eur+ per week in low season with other costs such as VAT AND APA EXPENSES coming on top.

I certainly hope this complex definition of a superyacht and round and round explanation of a superyacht charter cost is clear now and that you can start planning your next yacht charter holiday, be this just a regular yacht charter, luxury yacht charter, long-term yacht charter or an exclusive superyacht or megayacht or maybe even a gigayacht charter.

What best way to celebrate Chinese New Year than with a superyacht!?

If you are a sinophile, excluding divisive and unfortunate politics of course, one of the best ways to announce could be to commission an Italian designed superyacht with unique, bespoke and historic Royal Chinese Cloisonne Patterns from Ming Dinasty.

As we enter the NEW Chinese Year, which is ushering the Year of the Rabbit while ending the Year of the Tiger, we should think about best ways of celebrating. For many, this will simply be putting up New Year decorations, once again, for some it will be offering sacrifices to ancestors and yet for most it will just be enjoying a reunion dinner and staying up late on the day as well as watching the New Year Gala. Majority of those celebrating are likely to hand out red envelops with ‘lucky money” to kids too; where possible during a luxury yacht charter vacation in the East Caribbean, Bahamas or Virgin Islands for sure.

All this is likely to bring forth the luck and prosperity, for some combined with numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8 maybe, and removing the old and the bad, while welcoming the new and the good. Based on the lunar calendar, this new year is starting on 21st January and ending on 20th February and we certainly hope it will be prosperous, amazing, rewarding and a happy one. Ideally, one will also embark on a long-term luxury yacht charter holiday throughout the next twelve months, and visit locations with large Chinese communities around the World.

For the few lucky ones, it will certainly be best year ever. For those with success already behind them, but in need of a bit of inspiration, I hope this blog may bring some new ones. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you are to own a floating hotel in one of London’s marina’s, maybe near the Tower Bridge, and enable all Chinese students and visitors to the UK to experience a luxury superyacht built in China and decorated with unique, exclusive, bespoke JING designs ? Imagine all UK tourist brochures showing an image, advert or a special offer to visit a Chinese built superyacht with Ming Dinasty decorative patterns? These cloissonne designed patterns are displayed in both the interior of a master suite they will spend the night in as special guests on a weekend getaway, as well as on the exterior, so everyone passing by or seeing the yacht cruising alongside the river Thames, can enjoy this special sight!.

Puccini Yacht 82 Fly ”JING” with her intricate exterior design patterns from Ming Dinasty epoch

Can a Chinese built superyacht inspire the World to peace and prosperity !?

I can and also feel this may contribute towards the Western World understanding more of what Chinese culture is about and narrowing the cultural and historical gap that exists between the two important worlds, enabling everyone on this planet to benefit from further cultural exchanges, visits, tourism, investment and understanding, therefore prosperity and better life for all. A superyacht in London could do much more than simply bringing two remote worlds closer together, it could also change lives to the better, improve living conditions of many and usher a new world of mutual work, co-operation, co-existence and love. And, if not London and the UK, there are many other locations where a yacht with Royal Chinese Cloisonne Pattern designs can attract attention by all types of visitors and luxury or superyacht charter clients, and ensure the new year is even more successful than planned. Hong Kong would be ideal; Singapore preferred and Dubai a fabulous location as all these super destinations need to add to the current offering each year, if not each month, in order to entire more visitors or older ones to return. Ming Dinasty is certainly one of the most interesting of Royal families in the history of the world and one should indeed promote it to billionaires, multi-millionaires and everyone else indeed. Thus, if you are counting yourself lucky to be one of the UHNW and HNW individuals and a keen chinophile or sinophile, raise your eyebrows and pay attention.

I namely invite you to visit Puccini Yachts shipyard in Fujian Province on the East coast of this huge and important country and prepare your deposit money to order one of the most interesting superyachts of the year 2023. Puccini Yacht 78 Fly ”JING” is probably the best value motor yacht out there and Puccini Yacht 82 Fly ”JING” is probably one of the best looking superyachts of the year 2023. Make sure one of them will be yours and order her early this year so you can enjoy the first cruise in 2024. With an option to have only one master suite and a crew cabin, with most of the rest of the interior housing either a game room, a dance floor or cinema room, as well as adding electric or hybrid engines, instead of typical diesel ones or employing a specific interior designer to work on your behalf in order to attract the best Feng Shui interior there is for your family and guests, your options are unlimited as both project management and shipyard will be glad to work on realising your vision to the full extent possible.

A Ming Dinasty vase can be valued over 1 million. Imagine the worth of your yacht than !

Presenting a JING superyacht can be a great experience, especially if you own one. Share the Royal Chinese designs with the world in the best possible way and let us urgently plan the design and of your Ming Dinasty superyacht so that the tourists, visitors and families in special locations can enjoy the sight of these spectacular design patterns.

Whatever your plans and decisions, or luck, may your year ahead be filled with delight and well taken care of. And as the Chinese would say, Gong xi fa cai.

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