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Croatia is one of the latest mega yacht charter destinations.

It is becoming increasingly popular both thanks to a larger number of yachts frequenting in the Adriatic and the opening of a new super yacht marina in Tivat, Montenegro which is only hours away from the spectacular town of Dubrovnik but also because of a sheer number of untouched natural harbours and plenty of remote, yet well served, picturesque island towns.

A land of 1,120 islands, Croatia offers an amazing 3,500+  miles of coastline (2,500 of which belong to the islands).  The Dubrovnik is the most popular and most spectacular location indeed.  Super luxury villas, hotels and stylish, Michellin stared restaurants will await you here as much as plethora of festivals and events geared towards visiting tourists.

On top, sailing around Elafiti Archipelago or towards National Park on Island of Mljet or further South towards lovely historic town of Cavtat or Montenegro is what every super yacht charter client should do.

Super Yacht ELISA awaiting her guests
Super Yacht ELISA awaiting her guests

Other most popular locations for luxury crewed yacht charters in Croatia are celebrity island of Hvar and UNESCO town of Trogir with the neighbouring city of Split offering historical palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian as the best tourist hotspot. 

Croatia offers a number of other fascinating places to discover on your private luxury crewed yacht charter.  Many Croatians will know that there are only a few places in the world blessed with nearly 3000 hours of sunshine that still truly deserve the description of being”unspoiled.” The long chain of rugged islands of Croatia’s mountainous coast makes this a super yacht charter haven as neither is the coastline overbuilt like Spain, neither protected or secluded as that of South of France.  It is therefore considered to be among the best in the world as the access is free almost anywhere and lovely deep channels, plethora of secluded bays and huge number of anchorages and a stable climate attract many a super yacht charter enthusiast to Croatia.  

Tended garden in the Royal town of Opatija, North Adriatic
Tended garden in the Royal town of Opatija, North Adriatic

Finally, the sailing in Croatia offers little dangers and one wil neither encounter sharks or dangerous sting rays nor high waves or big seas, let alone long distance routes across the open sea unless one chooses to visit Venice or North Croatia and Dubrovnik in a short period of time.

In general, all clients will get their own privately tailored itinerary offering you chance to either enjoy privacy onboard your charter yacht and in case you will prefer untouched nature, wild beauty, generous and fragrant vegetation and remote hiking trails not visited by many. Alternatively, apart from viewing plenty of cliffs and caves, rocky inlets, fine pebble beaches and majestic bays, we can also take you to the hotspots for shopping and partying being during the day or in the night.With many imperial powers setting their foot on these grounds, you can also opt for a cultural super yacht charter tour, exploring the centuries of occupation by foreign empires. The Palace of the Roman Emperor Diocletian, in Split, has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, just like many other locations along the coast. On top, many historical residences and imperial fortresses that speckle the Adriatic landscape are considered some of the finest examples of intact ancient or medieval architecture. Ancient and medieval towns rise from the clear blue sea creating stunning impressions which is what makes Croatia so unique and one of the best super yacht charter destinations in the world. 

One aspect of Croatia is less known in the world and that is the fact that Croatians are very modern in the way they dress and in the way they adopt latest pop culture or technological trends.  This makes Croatia equally interesting today as well as tomorrow and the country and especially the most visited coastal regions is in constant change.  The preferred café and restaurant culture prevails, yet this fine land of home made wine and olive groves, home made cheese and an abundance of fresh fish, has always successfully borrowed influences from the trade routes that have passed its shores for centuries and is also nowadays adopting latest trends the moment the do happen in London or NEW York.  It is therefore not surprising to find latest yachts, super cars or super yachts indeed showing off on the Croatian coast before they are even available in the most sought after British, US or Russian and German trade shows.
We therefore invite you to charter a super yacht with us as our knowledge of Croatia charter yachts, local crews, specific yacht charter destinations and best cruising itineraries is unparalleled. We regularly and personally inspect each yacht, meet the captains in private as well as in business roles, sample the chefs’ cuisine and evaluate the service offered by each yacht crew.

Croatian super yachts in town of Rijeka, North Croatia
Croatian super yachts in town of Rijeka, North Croatia

Yacht charter itinerary:
A simple yacht charter itinerary that is usually recommend for those visiting Croatia on a super yacht would look as stated below.  A bespoke, fully tailored one, to include restaurant recommendations, all anchorages and bays as well as suggested ports and other useful information, would be prepared for you based on your special requirements.Whatever and whenever you decide to do while in Croatia, you would normally fly into Split or Dubrovnik international airport. For a bit of a cultural shock before or after the charter you should also consider visiting capital Zagreb as together with Budapest and Prag it is seen as the capital of culture in the Eastern Europe. You should always charter one way if possible and the route below can also be turned upside down, if you land in Dubrovnik first.  The alternative routes would take clients to North Croatia and North Dalmatia as both Kvarner region, Kornati Archipelago and Istrian Peninsula offer a totally difference yacht charter experience then the South Croatia around Split or Dubrovnik.

Super Yacht charter Day 1: 
Embarkation on board of a super yacht will be organised depending on the size and type of your boat.  One of the best locations is medieval town of Trogir, a fascinating UNESCO protected location.  This lovely village offers charming streets, privately run restaurants, plenty of food and cloth markets and beautiful buildings including the medieval Trogir Chapel.  Alternatively, you would embark in ACI Marina Split or the newly built marina Kastela near the airport. 

Splending views on the reflecting water
Splending views on the reflecting water

Super Yacht charter Day 2: 
Begin your Croatia yacht charter with a cruise to Island Brac, a small island close to Split, for a pleasant swim and a bit of snorkelling. Visit a lovely medieval castle, now turned private hotel and if necessary order a local helicopter to take you back to your yacht or get the captain to send a tender to let you explore other parts of the island. 

Super Yacht charter Day 3: 
Sail to Hvar, the celebrity island, where each August all Croatian celebrities congregate for a one week of partying, and where royals such as Prince William or Prince Henry choose to spend their summer holidays on a regular basis.  Continue the cruise aboard your private yacht along the Pakleni (Hell) islands just opposite of the town Hvar or explore the old town and its huge number of alleys and steps for the rest of the afternoon and the evening.  

Super Yacht charter Day 4: 
Sail to Island of Korcula, and preferably circumnavigate its 60nm of shore.  The town of Korcula is the birthplace of Marco Polo and the house is currently a museum.  Vela luka and Lumbarda beach on the opposite side of the island of the islet Scedro on the South shore is the usual stopover for the super yacht charter guests in this region.

Super Yacht charter Day 5: 
National park Mljet on the island of the same name is a must visit.  Here you should visit a 12th century Benedictine monastery set on an islet in the middle of Lake Veliko Jezero.  The anchorage of Luka Polace lies inside a deep fjord-like inlet, which is ideal for water sports and snorkelling.

Super Yacht charter Day 6: 
The Elaphite Archipelago is the true paradise of nature as well as centuries old monasteries.  Only 10nm from Dubrovnik the island chain offer a selection of picturesque anchorages for lunch and swimming or snorkelling and an obligatory quiet overnight stay.

Super yachts moored in a major port on the Adriatic coastline
Super yachts moored in a major port on the Adriatic coastline

Super Yacht charter Day 7:  
Visiting Dubrovnik is a must on any super yacht charter itinerary in Croatia.  This 13th century medieval walled town with Renaissance towers and an impenetrable wall, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, and together with Venice and Istanbul is usually always within the top 10 in the world.  The town should be explored both during the day and in the evening as its rich cultural and tourist offer as well as restaurant; café and bar culture is not to be missed.

Super Yacht Charter in South of France!

Cote d’azur is the birhtplace of super yacht charter.  It is here where it all started in the 1960’s and it is here today where you will find not only the most luxurious resorts, hotels and restaurants to visit, but also where the greatest choice of super yachts can be found.  Should you want to experience the best of summer and Mediterranean lifestyles, highest fashion, lovely food and perfect climate, charter a yacht in South of France during July or first few weeks of August to experience the best of what the region has to offer.

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