Month: January 2014


One of the most sought after type of super yacht holiday experience is one way charter.

Starting out in Monaco and disembarking in Corsica or flying into Tivat in Montenegro to board your 50m super yacht, then disembarking in UNESCO town of Trogir in Croatia, or even in Venice on the Northern Adriatic coast, is one of the best and most cost effective ways to enjoy both your yacht, as well as the fabulous scenery.

The cost:

Many super and mega yachts are usually very happy to offer ONE WAY charters. The cost of making a round trip can at times be either very expensive or time consuming.  In order to avoid this additional cost or to allow your charter party to visit the locations of your choice within a set period of time, most super yacht captains will agree to a one way charter.

Sailing out of St Tropez's old harbour towards Portofino
Sailing out of St Tropez’s old harbour towards Portofino
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The best Super Yacht Charter Destinations

Super yacht charter is by far the best holiday experience. It offers everything one can dream of, from luxury surroundings, 5 star service, excellent food, to enormous possibilities in terms of seclusion, privacy, space, prestige as well as time and most of all, feeling of relaxed, well deserved pleasure.

And although many of us take for granted the loving people that are on our side and always around us, who actually make up any of the experiences we make, the destinations which we visit are usually the best part of any holiday.

Birdsview of Monaco and its Port Hercules
Birdsview of Monaco and its Port Hercules
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