One of the most sought after type of super yacht holiday experience is one way charter.

Starting out in Monaco and disembarking in Corsica or flying into Tivat in Montenegro to board your 50m super yacht, then disembarking in UNESCO town of Trogir in Croatia, or even in Venice on the Northern Adriatic coast, is one of the best and most cost effective ways to enjoy both your yacht, as well as the fabulous scenery.

The cost:

Many super and mega yachts are usually very happy to offer ONE WAY charters. The cost of making a round trip can at times be either very expensive or time consuming.  In order to avoid this additional cost or to allow your charter party to visit the locations of your choice within a set period of time, most super yacht captains will agree to a one way charter.

Sailing out of St Tropez's old harbour towards Portofino
Sailing out of St Tropez’s old harbour towards Portofino

The most popular one way charters usually last 1 or 2 weeks, allowing the guests to head out in one direction only, without the need to return to the home port of the yacht in question.  The cost of fuel or one way fee is usually smaller than the cost of returning to the home port on time. For this reason, you should always request a quote as well as advice prior to arranging the booking.  Embarking on your yacht near Nice airport in South of France, then heading West towards St Tropez, before going all the way East to Monaco or Portofino in Italy is indeed, one of the most useful ONE WAY mega yacht charters.

Indian & Pacific Oceans are vast, One way charter here is a must
Indian & Pacific Oceans are vast, One way charter here is a must

Special ONE WAY charter deals:

At times, a super yacht owner will be sailing on his own to a destination far away from the boats original home port.  In such cases, the crew are bound to make the return journey on their own, thus the owner may agree to offer a special mega yacht charter deal on a one way basis.  In other scenarions, clients themselves may request a unique ONE WAY super yacht charter experience, leaving the boat hundreds of not thousands of miles away from its home berth. Again, the crew will be bound to come back at some point in time and during this transit period, individual ONE WAY mega yacht charter deals may be possible.  In rare occasions these deals or options will be advertised, so  you are advised to enquire about such possibilities.  When they are not, and you are planning your charter with immediate effect, consider enquiring about any such special deals, in particular if you are flexible in terms of what type of yacht and what locations you wish to visit.

Regardless what your charter plans are, next time when your family or company will be planning a mega yacht charter adventure, you should consider ONE WAY charter as the best possible itinerary option.  In one occasion, the owner was for example very happy to deliver the boat for free all the way from Rome to Amalfi Coast so they clients can enjoy ONE WAY charter with embarkation in the picturesque Sorrento with disembarkation being in luxury Portofino near Cinque Terre and a casual three day stopover on the Island of Elba in Tuscany.

Oslo in Norway is covered in ice as late as end of April
Oslo in Norway is covered in ice as late as end of April

On other occasions, the clients love the experience of being picked up in Trogir near the Split airport in Croatian South Adritaic and a one way cruise towards Dubrovnik and Tivat in Montenegro with obligatory stopovers on the magnificent Elafiti and secluded Cavtat and Kotor bay.   

One of the best areas for ONE WAY charters is in the Baltic Sea.  Starting out of Tromso in the North or in Oslo in the South and cruising ONE WAY on your chosen mega yacht is indeed one of the most spectacular experiences in super yacht charter world. This area is so vast and the limiations in terms of time are so great, especailly given the increasing number of alterantive super yacht charter destinations available nowadays, it would be a big waste of time if you are to go all the way to the Baltic and not experience most of what it has to offer in terms of available itineraries.

One way super yacht charters between Grenada or even ABC islands in the Dutch Antiless all the way to the Bahamas or even Florida, with stopovesr along the Windward and Leeward Islands of the Eastern Caribbean are the most sought after options.  These are regularly offered and depending on the duration of the charter and the type of yacht, all options are on the table for some of the mega yachts on offer.

Whatever your dream, plan or wish, in case you are interested in the ONE WAY  super yacht charter experience, do enquire first, then plan second.  It will prove a great decision if not the best cost effective choice.