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Exclusive Superyacht charter Ponzine Islands itinerary



For all those keen on alternative yachting destinations, where you can experience best of local culture, cuisine, history and events, there is one Italian region that is pretty much unexplored by international guests visiting this fabulous country.  Most of the mega yachts and in general luxury boats tend to congregate or are chartered out in North East Sardinia around resorts such as Porto Cervo, Porto Rottondo and Olbia or indeed around Island of Capri, Naples and Positano within the Amalfi coast and indeed Italian Riviera around Positano which is also popular ONE WAY charter stop for those starting out or finishing alongside French Riviera and in particular Gulf of St Tropez and Cap d’Antibes. 

The best alternatives to that, Aeolian Islands around Sicily, Messina Strait with Siracusa, Catania and around Sicily and to some extent, at least for Italian and German tourists by majority Island of Elba and Tuscany. To avoid crowds and to ensure you do have a chance to experience best of Italy, you should consider luxury yacht charter out of Naples, but than turn North, North West towards Islands of Ponza and Ischia, or more accurately towards Isole Ponziane as Italians would say.  You would than explore remote, uninihabited or as they case may be with Ponza, luxury retreats.  Islands of Ventotene, Polmarola, Zannone and others await for those who wish to self-isolate, escape and yet still enjoy Italian lifestyle par-excellence.

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Superyacht Charter Trends

When it comes to superyacht charter, latest models from San Lorenzo and Azimut are stealing the limelight in the past few years.  The sale numbers and trends also replicate in the charter market where such models are one of the most sought after motor yachts, both in the Mediterranean as well as in the Caribbean.  One other type of superyacht is even more popular these days however. And we are not talking about a motor yacht, but about a sailing boat.  It is the 80ft catamaran range, be it a Lagoon 77, Lagoon 78 power or indeed the most popular of them all the sublime Sunreef 80.  Celebrities such as Rafael Nadal and Keke Rosberg own such new yachts, in one or the other guise, smaller or bigger, power or sail or even ECO as the latest trends are bringing new models with electric or self-generating engines.

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Luxury Yacht Charter Deals and Great Value Sailing Vacations!

In case are you are looking for the best yacht charter deals and super yachts whose owners offer greatest discounts for your next sailing holidays in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean look no further.  With your SUPER VALUE YACHT CHARTER SERVICE you can be reassured to receive great value offers and best luxury yacht charter deals available on the market today.

Some of the yachts you should consider when chartering are first and foremost those that are keen to offer best discounts on advance bookings between 12-18 months. That way you can secure your desired charter dates well in advance and at a great price. Waiting to book on a very lastminute basis may indeed offer  you slightly better charter rate, yet the service you will recieve during the booking process and most likely during the holiday as well is likely to be of lower quality than expected.  Even booking 6-12 months in advance may  not be good enough for the best deals simply because the most desired dates are likely to be booked already or the discount provided will simply include advance booking rates, rather than those with special conditions provided for long term bookings or for bookings 12-18 months in advance.


One of the most sought after type of super yacht holiday experience is one way charter.

Starting out in Monaco and disembarking in Corsica or flying into Tivat in Montenegro to board your 50m super yacht, then disembarking in UNESCO town of Trogir in Croatia, or even in Venice on the Northern Adriatic coast, is one of the best and most cost effective ways to enjoy both your yacht, as well as the fabulous scenery.

The cost:

Many super and mega yachts are usually very happy to offer ONE WAY charters. The cost of making a round trip can at times be either very expensive or time consuming.  In order to avoid this additional cost or to allow your charter party to visit the locations of your choice within a set period of time, most super yacht captains will agree to a one way charter.

Sailing out of St Tropez's old harbour towards Portofino
Sailing out of St Tropez’s old harbour towards Portofino
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Luxury crewed yacht charter is all about limitless time, ultimate freedom and space, extraordinary experiences and total privacy.  Those who charter luxury mega yachts do so mainly because they value their freedom.   Chartering a private yacht is on their vacation schedule mainly as they wish to avoid sharing facilities with unknown people, indulge in their own world created by numerous sacrifices and hard work throughout the year, all away from home and because they would like to be only with the people they choose to be around them.

Super Yacht Tandem charter in the Mediterranean
Super Yacht Tandem charter in the Mediterranean

Indeed, one of our regular super yacht charter clients told me how he does not want anyone on board apart from his wife, and even the crew always must have their own companionway and full facilities, so they are seen and called into action only when absolutely necessary.  In most cases, the couple even prepare their own basic snacks while ordering their superyacht crew to prepare other meals and move out of the way once these are served, with chief stewardess, the captain or the deck hand for their water sports fun staying around on suitable occasions only.

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