Month: December 2021

Exclusive Superyacht charter Ponzine Islands itinerary



For all those keen on alternative yachting destinations, where you can experience best of local culture, cuisine, history and events, there is one Italian region that is pretty much unexplored by international guests visiting this fabulous country.  Most of the mega yachts and in general luxury boats tend to congregate or are chartered out in North East Sardinia around resorts such as Porto Cervo, Porto Rottondo and Olbia or indeed around Island of Capri, Naples and Positano within the Amalfi coast and indeed Italian Riviera around Positano which is also popular ONE WAY charter stop for those starting out or finishing alongside French Riviera and in particular Gulf of St Tropez and Cap d’Antibes. 

The best alternatives to that, Aeolian Islands around Sicily, Messina Strait with Siracusa, Catania and around Sicily and to some extent, at least for Italian and German tourists by majority Island of Elba and Tuscany. To avoid crowds and to ensure you do have a chance to experience best of Italy, you should consider luxury yacht charter out of Naples, but than turn North, North West towards Islands of Ponza and Ischia, or more accurately towards Isole Ponziane as Italians would say.  You would than explore remote, uninihabited or as they case may be with Ponza, luxury retreats.  Islands of Ventotene, Polmarola, Zannone and others await for those who wish to self-isolate, escape and yet still enjoy Italian lifestyle par-excellence.

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Superyacht Charter Trends

When it comes to superyacht charter, latest models from San Lorenzo and Azimut are stealing the limelight in the past few years.  The sale numbers and trends also replicate in the charter market where such models are one of the most sought after motor yachts, both in the Mediterranean as well as in the Caribbean.  One other type of superyacht is even more popular these days however. And we are not talking about a motor yacht, but about a sailing boat.  It is the 80ft catamaran range, be it a Lagoon 77, Lagoon 78 power or indeed the most popular of them all the sublime Sunreef 80.  Celebrities such as Rafael Nadal and Keke Rosberg own such new yachts, in one or the other guise, smaller or bigger, power or sail or even ECO as the latest trends are bringing new models with electric or self-generating engines.

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