Cote d’azur is the birhtplace of super yacht charter.  It is here where it all started in the 1960’s and it is here today where you will find not only the most luxurious resorts, hotels and restaurants to visit, but also where the greatest choice of super yachts can be found.  Should you want to experience the best of summer and Mediterranean lifestyles, highest fashion, lovely food and perfect climate, charter a yacht in South of France during July or first few weeks of August to experience the best of what the region has to offer.

Together with the adjoining Cote d’Provence and Monaco, the South of FRANCE is the most visited luxury crewed yacht charter destination.  Even though some other locations, most notably Croatia and Greece in the East Med or Virgin Islands and Bahamas in the Caribbean offer more hidden bays, secluded coves, more space and privacy, French coastline has  nothing to hide.  In fact, the main reason one will want to come here is not to hide but to show off, be seen, see and explore what is the lastest, best and most luxurious in terms of both yachting as well as fashion. 

We visit South of France at least twice a year and having sailed there last September we can only wish for more.  The climate here is sublime and for some reason warmer then most of the Mediterranean is even in late September of early October as well as April or May.  The water is cristal clear and the coastline wide, offering a number of luxury yacht charter destinations.

A typical itinerary in South of France would either start of finish in Monaco.  This may also give tax advantages as from 2013, all yachts in France have to pay up to 19.6% VAT/IVA on any advertised or agreed charter fee.  The  villages such as the picturesque EZE Bord de Mer, splending St Jean Cap Ferrat, beautiful Villefranche or fabulous Antibes are simply the locations one must visit.  Major towns such as Nice, Cannes, Toulon and Marseille are deffinitely the next on the list, while ueber-luxury St Tropez, Cap d’Antibes, Porquerolles and Lerin Islands are simply the locations where your yacht is overdue already now.

Add to this the VENICE like Port Grimaud, lovely St Maxim and further afield market towns such as Cassis or Bandol and you have a perfect super yacht charter itinerary for at least 2 if not up to 6 weeks.  If anything, your visit should be planned shortly after reading this as life is trully beautiful in South of France. 

We most miss the leisurely strolls in St Tropez, cultural events of Nice, fabulous restuarants in Cannes’ old town, shopping alongside Le Croisette, swimming off Lerin Islands, tender speeding and snorkelling around Porquerolles and impressive super yachts around Cap d’Antibes and St Jean Cap Ferrat.  Add to this a sublime walk around Port Hercules in Monaco and market shopping and you have a full French experience par-excellence.