If you are a sinophile, excluding divisive and unfortunate politics of course, one of the best ways to announce could be to commission an Italian designed superyacht with unique, bespoke and historic Royal Chinese Cloisonne Patterns from Ming Dinasty.

As we enter the NEW Chinese Year, which is ushering the Year of the Rabbit while ending the Year of the Tiger, we should think about best ways of celebrating. For many, this will simply be putting up New Year decorations, once again, for some it will be offering sacrifices to ancestors and yet for most it will just be enjoying a reunion dinner and staying up late on the day as well as watching the New Year Gala. Majority of those celebrating are likely to hand out red envelops with ‘lucky money” to kids too; where possible during a luxury yacht charter vacation in the East Caribbean, Bahamas or Virgin Islands for sure.

All this is likely to bring forth the luck and prosperity, for some combined with numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8 maybe, and removing the old and the bad, while welcoming the new and the good. Based on the lunar calendar, this new year is starting on 21st January and ending on 20th February and we certainly hope it will be prosperous, amazing, rewarding and a happy one. Ideally, one will also embark on a long-term luxury yacht charter holiday throughout the next twelve months, and visit locations with large Chinese communities around the World.

For the few lucky ones, it will certainly be best year ever. For those with success already behind them, but in need of a bit of inspiration, I hope this blog may bring some new ones. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you are to own a floating hotel in one of London’s marina’s, maybe near the Tower Bridge, and enable all Chinese students and visitors to the UK to experience a luxury superyacht built in China and decorated with unique, exclusive, bespoke JING designs ? Imagine all UK tourist brochures showing an image, advert or a special offer to visit a Chinese built superyacht with Ming Dinasty decorative patterns? These cloissonne designed patterns are displayed in both the interior of a master suite they will spend the night in as special guests on a weekend getaway, as well as on the exterior, so everyone passing by or seeing the yacht cruising alongside the river Thames, can enjoy this special sight!.

Puccini Yacht 82 Fly ”JING” with her intricate exterior design patterns from Ming Dinasty epoch

Can a Chinese built superyacht inspire the World to peace and prosperity !?

I can and also feel this may contribute towards the Western World understanding more of what Chinese culture is about and narrowing the cultural and historical gap that exists between the two important worlds, enabling everyone on this planet to benefit from further cultural exchanges, visits, tourism, investment and understanding, therefore prosperity and better life for all. A superyacht in London could do much more than simply bringing two remote worlds closer together, it could also change lives to the better, improve living conditions of many and usher a new world of mutual work, co-operation, co-existence and love. And, if not London and the UK, there are many other locations where a yacht with Royal Chinese Cloisonne Pattern designs can attract attention by all types of visitors and luxury or superyacht charter clients, and ensure the new year is even more successful than planned. Hong Kong would be ideal; Singapore preferred and Dubai a fabulous location as all these super destinations need to add to the current offering each year, if not each month, in order to entire more visitors or older ones to return. Ming Dinasty is certainly one of the most interesting of Royal families in the history of the world and one should indeed promote it to billionaires, multi-millionaires and everyone else indeed. Thus, if you are counting yourself lucky to be one of the UHNW and HNW individuals and a keen chinophile or sinophile, raise your eyebrows and pay attention.

I namely invite you to visit Puccini Yachts shipyard in Fujian Province on the East coast of this huge and important country and prepare your deposit money to order one of the most interesting superyachts of the year 2023. Puccini Yacht 78 Fly ”JING” is probably the best value motor yacht out there and Puccini Yacht 82 Fly ”JING” is probably one of the best looking superyachts of the year 2023. Make sure one of them will be yours and order her early this year so you can enjoy the first cruise in 2024. With an option to have only one master suite and a crew cabin, with most of the rest of the interior housing either a game room, a dance floor or cinema room, as well as adding electric or hybrid engines, instead of typical diesel ones or employing a specific interior designer to work on your behalf in order to attract the best Feng Shui interior there is for your family and guests, your options are unlimited as both project management and shipyard will be glad to work on realising your vision to the full extent possible.

A Ming Dinasty vase can be valued over 1 million. Imagine the worth of your yacht than !

Presenting a JING superyacht can be a great experience, especially if you own one. Share the Royal Chinese designs with the world in the best possible way and let us urgently plan the design and of your Ming Dinasty superyacht so that the tourists, visitors and families in special locations can enjoy the sight of these spectacular design patterns.

Whatever your plans and decisions, or luck, may your year ahead be filled with delight and well taken care of. And as the Chinese would say, Gong xi fa cai.