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Published by Eldin Basic (TpMBA)
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When it comes to most popular charter yachts, luxury boats and superyachts, there is only one name at the moment. Sunreef Yachts. Fountain Pajot and Cata Lagoon as well as a few other niche brands do play a part in the market, yet on a superyacht level, other than a Lagoon 77, nothing much is of major interest. The 145ft Hemisphere remains the only megayacht amongst catamarans, yet she is the lone player as for now no other 100ft+ super cats are available for charters. And while recently announced Sunreef 100 Eco, a sustainable super cat with electric engines, composite-integrated solar cells and the best marine superstructure worldwide, is not yet launched, similarly exclusive, stylish and prestigious catamarans are already cruising within the hotspots of the most interesting sailing destinations.

RELENTLESS II 80 – The best even SUNREEF 80 super cat chartering in the Virgin Islands

Take for example RELENTLESS II 80, a sublime Sunreef 80 which is usually cruising the Virgin Islands. Permanently based in St Thomas, USVI’s and available from just above 90,000 US$’s per week on an all inclusive basis, this is the most desirable supersailyacht available for private charters at this moment in time. And while strict covid-19 rules apply to all guests, with vaccination being a must, the design of this boat simply leaves no room for exclusions. Professional masseuse takes care of the times when you need extra attention and when mental health may need a boost, chef pampers you and keep you perfectly fed, as one guest put it, and crews knowledge of the islands, their energy, kindness and knowledge are second to none. Where else can you get a perfect Michelin star lunch served on board to enjoy both the food and perfect view and just after you had a massage or before you head to the water to enjoy spectacular snorkelling experience? This can only be available on a supercat such as RELENTLESS II 80 and at a rate of 100,000 US$’s all inclusive for 8 guests it’s a steal. If you add an opportunity to fly with owners private jet, albeit at an extra cost and enjoy rain showers on deck, after an exhaustive exploration of islands while sailing, water skiing and swimming and than being pampered by what industry may call best crew in the superyacht industry and you will want to return very soon indeed.

OHANA’s dining on Flybridge – one of the most exclusive and newest Sunreef 80 sailing catamarans

Similarly exclusive are two other Sunreef 80’s. One is OHANA, the same type of a super cat sailing boat and the other is PRONTO, a 78ft power cat based on Paradise island within the Bahamas. The differences between OHANA and RELENTLESS II 80 are minimal, yet at the same time huge. Both are as exclusive as a Sunreef 80 sailing catamarans can get, with OHANA being based in the Virgin Islands, featuring a hot tub, 4x guest cabins, similar charter rates as RELENTLESS II 80 and much more. OHANA may even go a step further with 2x seabobs on board and scuba diving equipment for those keen on diving directly off the boat. With accommodation for 10 guests in 5 cabins, she can also be seen as better value.

As some superyacht charter parties may prefer to cruise at faster speeds and be pampered by an extra crew member, wouldn’t PRONTO be the way to go? With 2xV8 MAN 1200HP engines offering double the cruising speeds of sailing catamarans and carrying what can only be described as a proper superyacht chase boat, the 37ft Axopar Sun Top as well as a SeaDoo GTX Waverunner, the PRONTO takes exclusivity of super cat luxury to yet another level. What other boat will offer such a modern, prestigious, exclusive and spacious environment allowing you to explore the Bahamas and Exumas during your regular Thanksgiving sailing getaway or New Year yachting party ?

Spectacular saloon on board of rare Sunreef 78 power PRONTO which is cruising in the Bahamas

Mediterranean based super cats and Sunreef Yachts:
When it comes to the Mediterranean, sailing on Sunreef yachts gets even more interesting. The choice of Sunreef catamarans is greater; itineraries even more historic, exclusive and diverse. VIVA LA VIDA, a NEW Sunreef 80 based in Sardinia or the Balearic’s is the go to get super cat. Charter rates start from 70,000 Eur with local VAT adding a minimum of 20-24% with all expenses on top. Not very economical for sure, yet at this super cat level, nothing is out of ordinary and VIVA LA VIDA is not to be missed if you are keen to party in Ibiza or shop in Porto Cervo.

AGATA BLU – 75ft super cat launched in 2023 and available in East Mediterranean

In case you would need to accommodate 10 guests, I am sure we can arrange one of the other Sunreef 80’s launched in 2020 or 2021 and which have such a layout. There are at least two such catamarans around indeed. If you still prefer latest 2022-23 models, AGATA BLU in Greece is the way to go. Available from only 54,000 Eur (plus VAT and APA) she is a great value 75ft supercat. Her superyacht crew of 4 will usually take you on a one way cruise from Athens – Mykonos with optional stopover on Santorini for those fabulous sunsets and mesmerising views. STILL ALIVE, another Sunreef 70 (2022) model is even more flexible, as they will cruise both the Caribbean waters, usually between the Grenadines and St Barths, as well as the Mediterranean, most likely Italy or Sardinia and Corsica regions. Whichever Sunreef 70 super cat you choose; supersailyachts.com will ensure you get the best value, great service and top notch attention at all times. At least we would like to think so; wouldn’t you !?

Exclusive aft deck on board of YGO – The latest Sunreef 60 cruising the West Mediterranean

Luxury Sunreef Catamarans:
Not every yacht is a superyacht or a super cat. Alegria 67’s by Fountain Pajot, NEW Lagoon SIXTY 5’s and well maintained older Lagoon 620’s or Samana 59’s do offer more of a competition to Sunreef 60’s in this range however. YGO and YLIME are newest SUNREEF 60’s, both usually cruising the West Mediterranean and offering accommodation for up to 8 guests in 4 en suite cabins. Absolutely the most popular luxury sailing catamarans on the planet, these are great value de-luxe charter boats in everyone’s book. The looks, designs, colours and space on board of these exclusive multihulls are unbeatable. If you are keen to impress and be impressed at an affordable rate on a luxury yacht that may not be a superyacht, but is definitely a prestigious and luxury platform for your yachting experience, these are the boats to turn to. All-around sailing leisure yachts, with completely refreshed superstructure that offers recognisable high bulwarks and classy exterior lines, these charter yachts underscore the modern lifestyles on the water. Buyers of such new vessels can enjoy outstanding options when it comes to customisation, and in order to make their boat as unique as it gets. With 36m2 room, the spacious flybridge is the piece de resistance on these boats and when cruising, most clients will simply want to enjoy vistas provided from these elevated and unique platforms. Join them and charter one of the Sunreef 60’s in 2023 too !

Mastersuite on board of latest Sunreef 60 YLIME based on the French island of Corsica

Finally, the smallest amongst the exclusive Sunreef yachts line up are Sunreef 50 sailing catamarans. SWEET DREAMS and ZARA are the latest models, both cruising the Southern Adriatic shores, islands and coastlines. One way charters between Dubrovnik and Split will be the most interesting itineraries with islands such as Hvar, Korcula and Brac having the most interesting anchorages, peaceful bays and busy stopovers. Where else can you enjoy a luxury of a Sunreef styling, Dalmatian spirit and fine dining than on board of one of these de-luxe sailing catamarans ? If you are keen on a long-term charter and sabbatical sailing holiday, renting a Sunreef catamaran for 4-8 weeks before deciding to purchase one is the way to go for sure and both these lend themselves as perfect options to do so. We invite you to consider transatlantic crossings on one of the Sunreef yachts too, as in all sizes we can offer such experiences with start in the Canary islands, around the start of November each year, and arriving in St Lucia or Martinique 3-4 weeks later. The charter rates vary but in general start from around 60,000 Eur and can go as high as 125,000 Eur plus any VAT and APA per crossing.

NEW Sunreef 50 SWEET DREAMS chartering in the Croatian Adriatic

To charter any of the Sunreef catamarans, including super cats such as SUNREEF 80 or luxury boats such as Sunreef 60, you can always rely on SuperSailYachts.com who will also guide you in creating a unique sailing itinerary, bespoke alergie-free menu and with exclusive on shore excursion tips not available anywhere else. We can also arrange purchase of any new boats directly from the shipyard and this includes newest Sunreef 80 Eco, Sunreef Eco 100 and Sunreef 140 models, all of which can be customised and bought with a suitably negotiated discount.

Edited on Monday 20th February 2023