When planning your summer yacht charter vacation alongside the famous stretch of South of France’s Cote d’Azur you must prepare yourself for the normal life of daily excesses.  While it all may have started some times in early 1930’s when some British expats created the first hedonistic beach or was it bitchy lifestyle, nothing from the past compares to today.  Excesses here are simply a daily routine which should not surprise you, at least in most cases. 

The combination of extraordinary life of consumption of pink champagne and enjoyment of  a loud music, searing sun, naked flesh, combination of smell of lavender and oiled suntan as well as all the heat of the sandy beaches and coolness of a breeze that various outfits of people of all creed, colour and styles dare to wear erupts into a hilarious world not seen anywhere else in the world.  Add to this numerous superyachts, mega yachts, luxury boats and even greater number of super sport cars and chase tenders and you may not even notice some of those aforementioned excesses.

Let’s start with some. First, topless or even nudist bathing on the beaches of Pampelonne, at times by those 5 times older than yourself is a regular sight.  You may even be one of them, thus feel free to bare and relax and no one will care or notice what you may wish to hide in other places.  The chicest beach in the world hides other treasures of course too.   Then there is the permanent noise of loud music that may not only come from clubs and bars but also from numerous cars and your neighbours super lavish gin palace the mooring next to you. 

Then there is the irregularity of your daily routine as one can never know when is the lunch or dinner and when the next big drinking party.  This is not because there is nothing to buy at the fabulous local Place des Lices market or Place des Herbex fresh fish markets, but because party’s and excesses can start anytime and anywhere.  Be in at 1pm just before lunch time at Club 55 or one of the other more decadent beach clubs or on one of the yachts anchored nearby or just behind at Nikki Beach Club in the early afternoon or indeed anywhere in the St Tropez town itself during the day and especially in any of the bars or clubs and hotels, in particular in Byblos or its famous Cave du Roy at night.  Hedonistic is the byword for everything and partyies with numerous bottles of expensive Crystal champagne being sprayed into the air or into the ppll are an excess that has in the meantime become a trend.  Social scene here goes into excesses of other kinds without saying so look out for them and enjoy. That’s what St Tropez yachting lifestyle is.  And when you had enough of it, simply get your anchor up and head either to Cannes for a more stylish lifestyle where you will be on permanent display too, but judged in different ways or to one of the islands on Lerin and Porquerolles where a bit of history or culture and most of all lovely nature await.  To charter your mega yacht for this summer in St Tropez you don’t need to go far.