When it comes to luxury yacht charters in 2018, anything goes.

And we mean anything.  The superyacht charter market has become very interesting and numerous new deals, special offers, unique arrangements, bespoke yachting holidays and general lifestyle vacation types have come to mix in with the traditional mega yacht charter.

Superyachts waiting for their owners


You can therefore follow in the footsteps of someone like Renee Sommerfield and get your beach body ready for this summer. On the other hand, if you are more of a Towie beauty Kate Wright type, and have better connections to former pro footballers than fashion conscious friends, you can still get in on a lastminute superyacht charter deal with SuperSailYachts.com before it’s too late. 

Some say that if you will require services of a mind guru, surely we can try and reserve the services of somebody like Pepe Imaz for you too.  A certain top tennis player was said to have had amazing successes thanks to his input and it may be that this is just what you need to relax fully on your next superyacht charter vacation ? So why not try and sort your own spiritual self as that could be one of the ways to make sure you do the right thing and go on a Mediterranean lifestyle holiday for the super-rich.So are you beach body ready now, at least in your own mind !?


Charter Yachts in Croatian Adriatic
Charter Yachts in Croatian Adriatic

If not, at least don’t leave Europe only to Russians as Trump suggested he would do, but book your superyacht charter vacation in the Mediterranean before the race to get the best mega yachts during the peak season starts and you loose out. And if you do, we will equip your superyacht with one of the first Hypersuits whose createor promises the users the ability to experience the extreme flying sensations in the safest possible way.  You could therefore not only be cruising, sailing or jetting around the Mediterranean coastline, but on the top deck of your mega yacht, also flying safely.  And if during your summer yachting vacation you do get a business call while in a major public place, we will throw in a hushme device that will give you additional privacy if required.


Superyacht charter is an experience like no other
Superyacht charter is an experience like no other

As you can see, traditional super yacht charter is still possible, as some of the above seems outright outrageos.  We hope we have made the point however as with luxury yacht charter anything goes. You are the boss and you decide what’s best for you. SuperSailYachts.com are here to listen and arrange the best yacht, ensure the crew are aware of your priorities and preferences and get you on to experience one of the most amazing holiday experiences there can be.

Set sailing on a luxury yacht far away from preying eyes

Namely the luxury yacht charter one! 
Whenever you thik about escapism, special occasions, luxury lifestyle, yachting holiday or anyting esle that’s important to you, think of SUPERSAILYACHTS.COM

So speak with your loved one, your best friends, family members or those business partners you can rely on and get on board of one of the amazing luxury yachts for an unforgettable superyacht charter experience in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean with SuperSailYachts.