Did you consider a summer holiday, combining sailing on a luxury gulet with a cycling adventure at the same time ? If yes, why not visit Balkan Peninsula and both sail in the Adriatic as well as explore the inland and coastal resorts on your bycicle next summer.  With an increasing number of de-luxe gullets based in Croatia as well as Montenegro and many others visiting from Turkey and Greece, there has never been a better time to do so.

The best about this type of luxury crewed yacht charter is the flexibility the clients can enjoy of visiting new destination every day and then having an organised cycling tour when on land.  This allows yacht charter guests not only to relax on board, but also to be active on land, especially during colder days or when it is raining or too windy to set sail.


The gullet yacht charter and bike tours or cycling holidays are currently organised in East Mediterranean mainly, including Croatia, Greece and Turkey.  Given that cycling is highly developed activity in locations such as Spain (Balearics in particular), South of France, Italy and Slovenia, Bosnia, Malta and Portugal, there is no reason why similar yacht charter experiences cannot be organised in these locations too.  In that case, given that gullets can only be found in certain locations, other type of boats could be found.  In particular classic sailing yachts or certain type of luxury crewed motor yachts, or even super yachts, as some do carry bikes on board anyway, could be a suitable option.
As far as gullet yachts available, they can be found in very different ranges.  The super luxury de-luxe gullets are rare and difficult to find in Croatia, yet gullets such as Barbara,  Nostra Vita, Andjeo, Blue Star or a few others mostly visiting from Turkey, for example PAPA JOE could be considered the top of the range.  Second options are gullets of around 25-30m and permanently based in Croatia.  These could include models such as Eleganza, Fortuna or Andi Star for example.  In between these there are a number of other models, yet in case your budget is at a lower end, there are also crewed gullet yachts which can cost well below 10,000 Eur/week plus expenses.

We invite you to consider this type of yacht charter vacation as there are also an increasing number of on shore cafe bars, pubs and restaurants who will gladly cater for visiting cycling public.  With our yacht charter team looking forward to arrange your sailing itinerary as well as cycling tour, there is nothing that should stop a group of active yacht charter clients joining on board one of such yachts.