O’PARI 3 is one of the latest superyachts offered for events

Many of our corporate clients enquire about chartering a super yacht or super sail yacht or indeed a passenger ship even, during one of the major events  taking place  alongside cote d’Azur, usually in Cannes, and during Spring.  It is good to know therefore that your or your business can charter a number of super yachts during the major events taking place every year in South of France and MONACO.  

The most important issue is to submit berth application on time and well in advance if possible as without it, it may be impossible to get a suitable yacht charter berth within Albert Edouard Jetee.  Most businesses and their presentation would be negatively affected by getting the berth on the opposite side of the Port de Cannes as visitors to Cannes Film Festival, MIPIM property show or any other major South of France even will usually walk in the immediate vicinity of the main Palace des Festivals, rather then on the other side of the port.  In order to do so, you also need to consider what type of yacht your business requires as without the charter yacht arrangement being in place, applying for a suitable or any type of berth it is not possible.

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For that reason, we suggest that best time to arrange your yacht charter during one of the South of France events is latest in October of any year.  This is because most of the yachts that will be available for Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix or MIPIM and other events will already have announced their availabilty and presence in South of France. This despite the fact some of these yachts will still be in the Caribbean or even in Pacific around this time.  

French Vat Monaco Pool
Enjoy Monaco’s public pool at the end of your yacht charter

Around October of any year, the choice of mega charter yachts that are to be available for South of France major events the year after is also the greatest as most will be free of any bookings during the required period.  The October time is also giving us the best chance of negotiating a good deal too.  The owners are namely keen to confirm the locations for their yachts the following year so a suitable advance booking discount will be provided.  Yacht charter commitments by owners are not always their first priority yet they are unlikely to use their precious boats in Spring, thus they are in turn very keen to confirm such bookings.

Once we find a suitable yacht, amongst the best choice of those available for corporate events and business yacht charter occasions, preparing application for berth is a straightforward business.  At times, the timing may not be best and applying for a berth may not be possible immediately, yet waiting for application is much better than waiting for the expiry of the deadline for berth application.  We are therefore certain that both you and your business will benefit from planning ahead.  Some clients have namely reported that their events would have been much more successful where they able to plan more in advance or if only that most covetted berth was allocated to them.  

ANDREAS L jacuzzi
Jacuzzi on ANDREAS L, 60m Benetti, a super yacht 
which is at home in South of France most of the time 
and usually always available for Corporate and 
Business Events Yacht charter during MIPIM, Cannes 
Film Festival or Monaco F1 Grand Prix

Do not fall into this category and plan well ahead as lastminute yacht charter deals for major South of France events are not usually the best value, unless your budget is relatively unlimited and you can be happy with any type or any size and age of the yacht.  Having all corporate marketing materials ready in advance is also a good idea as ordering them on a very last minute deal, mainly to suit your chosen or only available super yacht, is likely to end up with missed deadlines and weaker professional presence.  One must not forgett arrangements of any catering and chairs, tables, tents and TV sets that are likely to be required or desired too.  Getting these organised in relevant size, colour and numbers can also be a stambling block that is better organised in advance.  In any case, SuperSailYachts.com will be able to assist and arrange directly or indirectly most of the suitable gear, reservations and contacts.

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So get in touch latest in October to reserve your preferred or most suitable mega charter yacht for all of the major South of France business and corporate yacht charter events, including Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix, MIPIM, MIPTV, MAPIC, LIONS, MIPCOM, TAX FREE.  The best contact is email at charter@supersailyachts.com or one of the direct numbers published on Contact pages at www.SuperSailYachts.com therefore