ANDREAS L - from the air with tenders and jet ski

To live the life of a Millionaire, one has to be rich. How exactly rich, that depends on the size of the yacht the rich can charter or even buy amongst other things. 

Some say that having a luxury Range Rover and a lady who owns only one Hermes Birkin bag is the sign of a merely rich person, thus private lifestyle of a Millionaire will be limited to only one yachting holiday a year and a perhaps second home in the Med.  This is where the private lifestyle of a millionaire starts however.  Ultra High Net Worth individuals are likely to own a mansion and their lady may be a super model under circumstances, thus their lives will focus between the private, chauffer driven car that takes them to business meetings during the week, a private members club on  Wednesday night, and later to their own private jet before spending the weekend at their own private holiday villa, mansion or indeed an island on another continent.

The super yacht charter for these individuals comes not as an expensive holiday but a must do private showcase it seems.  Yachts such as ANDREAS L, the 60m BENETTI are likely to feature on their agenda when discussing their Mediterranean summer vacation in the family.  Yet, private lifestyle of millionaires includes many other aspects of entertainment and relaxation apart from merely one or two super yacht charter holidays a year.  Private concerts in membership clubs such as Arts Club or at the Serpentine Summer Party, attending exclusive events such as Cannes Film Festival, in particular for the screening of the Palme d’Or contenders or the obligatory London Fashion Week to name but a few.  Owning a number of super cars, huge number of designer clothes, custom made furniture and several properties across the world, all dotted with super expensive paintings or other works of art is on their shopping list.

Whatever their income and riches, unless they own a super yacht with their own Wikipedia page, the private lifestyle and super yacht charter for millionaires will be up for discussion.