What can you look forward to when planning your superyacht charter in 2023!

When it comes to luxury holidays, nothing beats charter of a superyacht. The choice of exclusive villas, balcony suite on a largest cruiser in the world, high-end apartment in the prime location or any other type of adventure, luxury getaway and variety of many other options have never been greater. Despite this, being on a private superyacht, being served by a top professional crew and floating from one superyacht location to another one, each and every day is simply incomparable to anything else out there.

Deck of a luxury yacht based in Croatia and available for groups of up to 36 adult guests

However, simply being on board of a superyacht and sailing from say Portofino to St Tropez is an adventure of the past. Modern superyacht charter client is seeking more than just calculation of mileage and fuel fee, but wants to enjoy various activities along the way. This cant include only traditional activities such as swimming, snorkelling and water skiing but must include kite surfing, choice of finest 1-3 Michelin star restaurants along the way, rendez-vous diving for some, rental of a superyacht tender that will shadow the chartered yacht, tandem charter with another boat that will cater for children only or other members of the family or indeed bodyguards, diving team or for any other type of special arrangements.

Build your own gullet from 80ft and within 12-18 months

On top of various activities on the water, thanks to a number of new water toys, yacht charter clients on board of superyachts can also increasingly look at various activities under the water. Some mega yachts already have a submarine in their offering, others also a amphibious jeep that allows exploration of uninhabited islands or those where there are no vehicles to hire or taxis to book. On the other hand, many others crewed charter yachts have various seabobs, infinity islands or Sea-Easta comfortable lounger by Jobe, electric jetboards that can propel the riders out of the water and to speeds of almost 50kmp for example. On top, there are so many others including waverunners, jet skis, iAqua SeaDar Max, the interesting 100% emission free and extremely lightweight and cordless electric hydrofoil such Waydoo Flyer one, or hydrofoil eBike Manta5 XE-1 that reaches speeds of 20kph and many others. Latest and rare to find superyacht water toys are Aston Martin and Triton Sumbarines’s Project Neptune which is a type of a limited edition submarine which carries 2 x guests and pilot up to dephts of 500m allowing amazing romantic or adventurous moments for couples, as well as ingenious underwater Robo-Shark drone and many other inflatables and towables.

Superyacht LEGEND available in exclusive Northern Hemipshere destinations such as Arctic Circle

Most interesting of all however, are not the toys but adventures in relation to special destinations. You can now dive with whale sharks in Indonesia by chartering a super luxury 200ft+ mega yacht near Triton and Cenderawasih bay throughout autumn, all winter months and early Spring or in Teluk Saleh in Sumbawa during late Spring and all of the Summer months. Other boats can take you to location such as Svalbard where you can both ski, watch polar bears and enjoy swimming.

To get your best adventure arranged, you can also quite often come up with very specific ideas, projects or demands and in many cases they can be met with great attention and also executed fully. It is up to you and your imagination to consider what would be the best solution, exploration or adventure and SuperSailYachts.com are most likely going to be in position to blog their way out and ensure they are fulfilled.

What else and where can it be experienced

In other locations, you could charter a supercat SUNREEF 80 and enjoy a beach barbeque in Tobago Cays, Grenadines, enjoying a specially prepared lobster dinner. The same exclusive Sunreef mega catamarans, a choice of at least 3 different ones indeed, ares also available in the Virgin Islands with optional big game fishing off Anegada and fish dinner served after you have caught fresh fish yourself an hour earlier.

In the Bahamas you could hire one and only Privilege 510 Signature sailing catamaran while planning to swim with Manta Rays and in Italy, we can reserve a table in a little known restaurant, located on a secluded island where a fantastic 7-course dinner with admirable value can be served, all topped off with a romantic dinghy ride to local historic castle with a love story to die for.

Some yachts will also have their own piano, a yoga instructor or spa and massage service

Many superyachts will also gladly create a romantic beach barbeque at a time and in a location where you will be the only party present. Such locations are rare, but can be found in most locations, allowing you to enjoy a spectacular dinner under the start lit sky, your own private beach and highly experienced chef preparing meals that will cater fully for everyone on board. In other locations, you can hire a helicopter or a Jeep safari and while cruising in the Adriatic Sea we can also take you to unique Pyramides of Bosnia with a stopover at Mostar Bridge to see amazing dives from a 27 metres high bridge over crystal clear green colour of river Neretva.

In other words, whatever your idea of an adventure, luxury holiday, special occasion or once in a lifetime experience, you can be certain that superyacht charter is the only such vacation allowing you to be mesmerized, pampered and fulfilled while feeling safe, taken care of and exhilarated all at the same time.