Super Yacht Charter Destinations

Super yacht charter destinations are increasing by day. The most popular ones, those around the West Mediterranean and the Eastern Caribbean, attract largest number of mega charter boats and therefore yacht charter clients at the same time.  In the Caribbean, the Bahamas and the BVI’s are the premier destinations.

Both composed of a gorgeous archipelago chain, these island countries offer not only a stunning mix of tropical scenery that includes diamond white sand beaches, high number of perfect bays and rugged coastline, but also excellent facilities for the largest luxury crewed yachts of this world.

West Mediterranean, and increasingly East Mediterranean as well, remain the best super yacht charter destination in the world as a whole. Distinguished and well developed cultures of the Italian and French Riviera, and increasing number of mega yacht charter ports such as the one in Bodrum, Turkey or Porto Montenegro, make all corners of the Med vastly superior to any other at this moment in time.

Once in a lifetime:
On the other end of the weather patterns, composed of hundreds of spectacular lagoon islands, untouched atolls and undiscovered coves, South Pacific including Polynesia provide hot climate and tropical beauty unsurpassed by any other mega yacht charter destination.

Amongst the more distant locations, Antarctica and Alaska in particular are attracting more and more visitors as well as visiting mega yachts.  In the harshest periods of winter months, both remain a frozen paradise unspoiled by human hands and uninhabited by almost nothing other than a small number of people in Alaska or as is the case with Antarctica, native species common to this area only. In the summer months though, towering icebergs, amazing wilderness, and absolutely beautiful settings attract increasing number of super yacht charter owners and guests alike.

New superyacht destinations:
Other ones, such as the fast developing Middle East, that includes Bahrain, Oman and the seven states of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with Formula 1 Grand Prix destination of Abu Dhabi and tourist Mecca of Dubai, as well as the South East and East Asia including another F1 resort of Singapore, then Thailand, Malaysia, China and even Japan, are fast catching up to become a true alternative to previous leaders of the winter escape getaways.

One of the most popular:
Finally, all of America’s, including the Florida, New York and NEW England and increasingly Canada, Brasil, Galapagos and Patagonia region of Argentina, together with tropical paradises of Seychelles, Maldives and Mauritius, as well as whole of the Baltic Sea and other Atlantic destinations such as the Canaries and now Cape Verde and South Africa, remain a very good alternative to the usual Mediterranean summer holiday destinations or Caribbean winter escapes.



More about Super Yacht Charter Destinations


Super Yacht Charter in the Atlantic

Super yacht charter destinations in the Atlantic ocean cover the more exotic locations
between the Eastern Caribbean and Portugal, as well as the African continent.

These include Brasil and the rest of South America, Cape Verde, Canaries, Azores and
Bermudas as well as North America locations alongside East Coast, North from Florida, New ENGLAND and all the wawy up to New York.  Luxury crewed motor yachts offered in this region usually have great water sports equipment on board and specially comissioned super yacht tenders. Please click here for more.


Caribbean Luxury Crewed Sailing Holidays 

Caribbean Islands are the true paradise for luxury crewed sailing holidays. Avoiding Hurricane season, one will find perfect sailing conditions at all times. The unprecedented variety of islands, varied nature, crystal clear waters, and opportunity to enjoy best of snorkelling, diving and other watersports is what makes this yachting region.  The greatest choice of luxury crewed sailing catamarans available for yacht charter is found here.  The usual choice of charter destinations here are in particular the British Virgin Islands, as the most popular location, and the Bahamas as well as one way cruises between Leeward and Windward Islands ... Please click here for more...


Mega yacht charters in the Indian Ocean 

Mega yacht charter destinations in Indian Ocean encompass the stunning Maldives, splendid Mauritius, perfectly scattered Seychelles and Les Amirantes, Madagascar and the Comoros.

Here you will find high end luxury resorts as well as remote and untouched nature with rich flora and fauna reserves with best possible opportunities for endless swimming, best snorkeling, fishing, diving and water skiing. The choice of super yachts is very small yet with more and more mega yachts embarking on a circumnavigations, makes this region interesting as there are always new luxury yachts happy to offer special yacht charter arrangements while en route towards the Pacific.  Please click here for more...


Private yacht charters and Luxury Crewed Holidays in the Mediterranean

The prime destination for super yacht charter is in the Med. South of France and St Tropez are the birth place of everything in relation to luxury crewed charter and super yacht hire as well as super yacht ownership.

Since Bridget Bardot and the film crew landed on one of the beaches where Club 55 is based today, nothing was the same. Portofino in Tuscany, Costa Smeralda in Sardinia and Isola di Capri across the Amalfi coastline are the next best super yacht locations. Porto Vecchio in Corsica, Mallorca and Ibiza in the Balearics, Dubrovnik in Croatia, and increasingly Bodrum peninsula in Turkey and Tivat in Montenegro are the next ones on the list. Please click here for more...


Circumavigation and Private yacht charters in the Pacific

Super yacht charter destinations in the Pacific ocean usually those within the Southern hemisphere. The most popular include Australia and New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji and French Polynesia. The more exotic locations are Tonga, Vanuatu, Samoa, Wells Fortuna, Kiribati and Galapagos Islands as well as Hawaii, Marquesas Islands and Tuamotu Archipelago.  If considering a charter here, you are in for a super yacht holidays as exquisite as no other.  Please click here for more ...


South East Asia luxury crewed charters 

South East Asia is one of the prime, alternative mega yacht charter destinations. 
The area spans thousands of ocean miles and includes very diverse and exotic cultures. 
The most popular regions are Phuket in Thailand, Andaman Islands of India, Langkawi in Malaysia. 
As with the Indian Ocean, the range of luxury crewed charter yachts located here is limited, yet the sheer beauty, variety and remoteness of this contrast-rich region will certainly impress you.  Please click here for more...




Carlsberg company from Denmark chartered a luxury open motor yacht in Spain for one of their major marketing events. Refurbishing the chartered yacht for this event was organised by ourselves and the whole project, including the photos, documentary and new web site for the project went extremelly well.

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