Yacht charter locations in South East Asia
South East Asia is one of the prime, alternative super yacht charter destinations. The area spans thousands of ocean miles and includes very diverse and exotic cultures. The most popular regions are Phuket in Thailand, Andaman Islands of India, Langkawi in Malaysia. 

Alternative routes cover historic home of the East Indies Trading Company, namely the Banda Islands in Indonesia, then Myanmar, once known as Burma, as well as Bali but can also take you further away towards Philippines or into Indian Ocean. We can create a unique itinerary for your charter and a number of yachts can be recommended in each of these destinations. 

Visiting Thailand, you are likely to experience the sound of bells of the temples around the shores of the many beautiful green islands. They are at times as rock, which tower in single or at times multiple monoliths, in most areas surrounded by warm emerald coloured waters. In Thailand, you can explore hundreds of miles of coastline and an absolute huge number of islands. The climate is usually tropical with regular, albeit gentle breezes across Gulf of Thailand in Phuket or Andaman Sea.

Langkawi and Penang are the prime locations in Malaysia in a similar way Phuket is in Thailand. Super yacht marinas, luxury resorts, top class restaurants and first class shopping can be found here Venture further away and your will realize the remoteness and uniqueness of the area, as most other locations can only be accessed by your super yacht. Some islands, amongst hundreds of those within Langkawi archipelago are just tiny corals, with a few trees and lone sandy beach. Otherwise, you will find beautiful bays, hidden caves and lots of limestone formations amongst all the tropical wildlife and rich marine life too.

Other info:
The whole of South East Asia super yacht charter destinations is a paradise for water sports lovers and active yacht charters in general. There are a lot of first class scuba diving and in particular snorkeling locations, all usually set in crystal clear waters of varying shades of green and at times lovely blue colours. Marine life is very rich, amazing rock formations are spectacular, pristine shores are amazing. Most beaches are covered with miles of white sand and all are waiting on your boat where your crew can set up a perfect barbecue gazebo tent for your romantic or private family dinner on shore.

General Info:
Peak season – November and December

Best time to go – January, Febaruary or March
Avoid – WET SEASON (May – October)

TOP recommendations: 

Langkawi (great shopping and night life, jungle exploration, tropical wildlife etc.
Langkawi Archipelago (water sport activities, amazing bays, kayaking etc.)
Bhutang Archipelago, 
Koh Rock, 

Phuket (resorts of Patong, Kata, Kamala, Karon for night life, shopping and elephant rides), 
Phi Phi Islands (Setting for the ''TheBeachMovie'', top night life and astonishing cliffs and blue lagoons), 
Protected Bhutang Archipelago
Phang Nga Bay (Rock Formations), 
Bay of Krabi (rock climbing)
Koh Hong (unique caves and flora and fauna rich reefs)
Koh Racha (spectacular white beaches and clear shalow waters for snorkelling)

F1 Grand Prix and Singapore city exclusive nightlife
Fascinating, ultra-modern mix of culture Malay, Western, Chinese and Indian cultures
Contemporary art scene
Kallanga river adventures
Bukit Timah Nature Reserve with a rainforest

Unique Culture and stunning nature
Luxury resorts such as Bali Island
World's largest archipelago with 17,000 islands
Beaches of Lombok East of Bali island

Myanmar (Burma)
Unique Culture and stunning nature
50% of profit given to charity's supporting ''boat people'', those persecuted in the country.

South East Asia Private Charter Yachts Selection 
As this is one of the most popular super yacht charter areas in the world, finding a suitable type and size of a yacht should be an easy task.  However, most yachts tend to avoid the area due t0 limited  number of yacht charter clients or the fact not many are on their way from Australia or Mediterranean.  Do enquire on time and book well in advance to give yourself and your party a choice of luxury charter yachts in this region, in particular away from major hubs such as Singapore or Phuket in Thailand.

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How to arrange a Private Yacht Charter in the South East Asia?
For more information about booking a private luxury charter yacht in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar or Bali in Indonesia please contact us at  We can than assist you to plan your perfect luxury yacht charter itinerary, combining your family or business needs with recommendations about the best time to visit this top yachting and yacht charter destination.



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