Mega Yacht Charter Destinations in the Indian Ocean:
Super yacht charter destinations in Indian Ocean encompass stunning Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles and Les Amirantes, Madagascar and the Comoros.

Here you will find high end luxury resorts as well as remote and untouched nature with rich flora and fauna reserves with best possible opportunities for endless swimming, best snorkeling, fishing, diving and water skiing.

All yacht charter destinations within the Indian Ocean are usually not part of mass tourist trails and for that reason alone this is a prime location for luxury crewed vacations. The lush green islands of Seychelles with their fabulous blue lagoons and spectacular granite rock formations, lovely coral gardens and a plethora of lovely atolls are the first alternative to the usual cruise around the Caribbean.

The Maldives with its 26 larger atolls and hundreds of tiny islets are the best alternative to Seychelles for your one weekly charters where you would want to experience the best snorkeling or diving in the outstandingly clear turquoise waters and swimming in some of the best beaches you will ever discover.

Mauritius, around 500NM East from Madagascar, is probably the most idyllic destination for a luxury yacht charter. A melting pot of various cultures, it survived many invaders, crusaders, imperialists, pirates and migrants. It is now one of the most beautful and luxurious places on Earth, full of palm fringed beaches, top resorts and best golf courses.

This is the place of the third largest coral reef in the world, thanks to which this fabulous archipelago enjoys over 200 miles of spectacular coastline, protected with the reef’s natural lagoons. Madagascar, the Comoros and Les Amirantes are for the more adventurous and yachts will be available there only under special terms usually.

General Information:
Peak season – December - June

Best time to go – January, Febaruary, March or April (dry season)
Avoid – Expensive flight periods

TOP recommendations:

Mahe – Victoria, the capital with its colonial buildings and 65 beaches on the island
Praslin - Vallee de Mai UNESCO World Heritage Site
La Digue – Earthly Garden of Eden
Island Curieuse – 300 giant land tortoise and deserted, most beautiful beaches
Private Island Fregate – Eco Retreat
Aldabra – Possibly the largest raised coral atoll, still largely untouched by human beings

Barrier Reefs – protect the islands from high waves, but rising sea levels are real danger
1200 islands at around 400 miles South from India
200 inhabited and almost 90 resort islands
Unlimited diving and snorkelling spots
Unlimited private anchorage points
Barbecues on a deserted island
Snorkelling with Manta Rays

Port Louis – the spot for nightlife, shopping, provisions,
Honeymoon charters
Reunion island – Just over 100nm SW, it offers dramatic beaches & spectacular hiking
Rodrigues island – 300miles East of Mauritius, the adventure of a lifetime

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To book a luxury yacht charter in the Atlantic Ocean, please contact us now.

How to arrange a Private Yacht Charter in the Indian Ocean ?

For more information about booking a private luxury charter yacht in the Indian Ocean, from Maldives and Seychelles or Mauritius please contact us at charter  We can than assist you to plan your perfect luxury yacht charter itinerary, combining your family or business needs with recommendations about the best time to visit one of these tropica yacht charter destinations.


A long term client chartered the super yacht SIMPLE PLEASURE, a Sunseeker 30m in Italy earlier this year.

With only a small number of guests on board and crew / guest ratio being 2 / 1, the well organised private yacht charter experience was unforgettable.

All meticulously planned details were met, including lower fuel bills, carefully sourced out wines, personalised menue and difficult to keep bespoke itinerary.

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