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Yacht charter destinations in the Pacific:

Super yacht charter destinations in the Pacific ocean usually those within the Southern hemisphere. The most popular include Australia and New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji and French Polynesia. The more exotic locations are Tonga, Vanuatu, Samoa, Wells Fortuna, Kiribati and Galapagos Islands as well as Hawaii, Marquesas Islands and Tuamotu Archipelago.

The locations in the Northern Hemisphere provide genuine escapism and absolute adventure. The Pacific North West and Alaska are all about the peace and serenity, untouched beauty and indeed fabulous glaciers, whales watching and navigation amongst a huge number of islands.

Peak season – December and January in the South and July and August in the North
Best time to go - when you are ready for the adventure of life
Avoid – All times other then summer months in the Northern Hemisphere

TOP recommendations:

South Pacific

The society Islands
- Unhuried pace of life
- Fascinating culture
- Breathtaking sunsets

- Cascading waterfalls
- Rainforrests

- Perfect nature and amazing beaches

Mainland Australia including Sydney
- Perfect facilities and events

New Zealand and New Caledonia
- Remote and Romantic with spectacular nature

North Pacific


- Most picturesque and breathtaking adventure

British Columbia
- Easy access to Alaska, spectacular nature combined with excellent facilities

Pacific Private Charter Yachts Selection 
As Pacific is a very remote destination for most of super yacht charter and luxury crewed sailing clients the chance of finding a suitable luxury mega yacht is relatively low.  While in other more popular super yacht charter destinations such as BVI's or South of France, once can find a wide selection of mega yachts, luxury sailing yachts and both sailing as well as power catamarans available for private yacht charter cruises during the main season, the situation in Pacific is slightly different.  Alaska and Society Islands as well as Australia including Whitsundays will have a number of luxury crewed yachts based there throughout the year yet this is not always the case.  However, some yachts do announce their presence in the area well over 12 months in advance so planning well ahead is the crucial part of arranging your private charter yacht in the Pacific.

Arrange a Private Yacht Charter in the Pacific
For more information about booking a private luxury charter yacht in the South or North Pacific please contact us at charter so we can assist you to plan your perfect luxury yacht charter itinerary, combining your family or business needs with recommendations about the best time to visit this exotic yacht charter destination.




Sandy and Doug chartered a luxury ASTONDOA 105, a 31.5m super yacht in South of France. A meticulously planned charter went exceptionaly well and we even arranged for a JET SKI instructor to come on board so the clients could get their Jet Ski licences.

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