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Buy a yacht and reduce the cost of ownership!

In today’s world, the ownership of a superyacht is the ultimate sign of success.  If you have made it so far to be able to afford a luxury yacht and use it on a regular basis, you have made it.  And as Yacht ownership comes with many benefits indeed, we wish to congratulate anyone who is enjoying it at the moment. For those who are keen to offset some of the costs of purchase, insurance, maintenance or indeed usage of their luxury yacht, we can now arrange a suitable yacht ownership programme.

Chimera Motor Yacht

There are a number of options currently available to a buyer almost at any reasonable level. We all agree that those buying 20 million Euros + superyachts do so for their own reasons.  Even the clients who are looking for a new or a second hand 10-20,000,000.00 Eur mega yacht are doing so mainly because they can and also because they may not have worries about paying around 500,000 Eur a year to keep the boat afloat. For others, looking to buy their first yacht or considering one in the range of around 1 - 9,000,000.00 Eur, we would like to propose options to buy and keep the boats either in a specified charter fleet or get part of the costs covered other way.

We suggest you simply contact us with your idea and requirements and we will research what best deal we can offer.  One such deal is on a sailing boat Hanse 675, a new entrance level to the luxury yachting with a boat that costs less than 1,5 million Euros when fully equipped, commissioned and even delivered.  There are other models in this range, but also larger and more luxurious superyachts which can have a reasonable and regular return for sure.  With everyone in superyacht industry expecting top levels of service 24hrs a day, always keeping the best standards of courtesy and highest quality, the yacht ownership programmes we propose are therefore bespoke, customised to your requirements and fully tailored to fit your idea of yacht ownership and the type of boat you prefer.

We therefore invite you to contact SuperSailYachts.com and enquire about the YACHT OWNERSHIP programme which can suit you or be of interest to you.  Please do state your ideal boat and location where she would be preferably moored as well as make a suggestion about the most desireable budget.  We will than double check what charter management or yacht ownership proposals can be made and which ones if any are recommendable.  The rest should be an enjoyable, proud and rosy future scenario.

Xnoi Sailing Yacht

The best contact for YACHT OWNERSHIP deals through SuperSailYachts is initially an email to eldin@supersailyachts.com



Belgian property company chartered a luxury sailing yacht XNOI during the prestigious Cannes event MIPIM in March 2015. They stated the lovely XNOI was even better than they expected and this spectacular yacht with the fabulous captain Marco made all the difference. Their event proved successful even if the allocated choice of berth did not serve the purpose in the best possible way. The successful charter is likely to be repeated within 12 months.

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