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Recruitment of Super Yacht Crew

A super yacht ownership represents a significant, if not the largest investment in anyone’s life. 

As such, this value has to be protected, not only in legal terms and through insurance brokerage, but most importantly by employing the right crew.  And while yacht management as a process looks at the holistic approach of ensuring a super yacht is treated well, the super yacht crew placement process looks only at employing the right individuals at the right time.

A captain for example must be employed throughout the year as he will be the person responsible for any navigation and mooring of the boat.  The assistant stewardess on the other side is usually only required during high season when the owner is on board or when charter guests indulge in their holiday adventures.  Some yachts will of course prefer to have a full crew throughout the year as only then can the owners be certain that no aspects of the super yacht ownership are left to chance.

As the average lifetime of a crew on board of any yacht is much smaller than on a regular shore based job, the management of the turnover of staff is crucial.  For this, a specialised crew placement company must know what crew is available in which location at all times and be able to advise the owners and yacht management companies as well as yacht charter agents about the crew availability.

WAVES RECRUITING is one of our favourite super yacht crew placement companies and we invite all owners to use their services when seeking for new employees on board of their super yachts.  At the same time, experienced and those interested in first time jobs on board of super yachts should also registered their details on Waves Recruiting website in order to ensure they are considered for relevant openings



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Belgian property company chartered a luxury sailing yacht XNOI during the prestigious Cannes event MIPIM in March 2015. They stated the lovely XNOI was even better than they expected and this spectacular yacht with the fabulous captain Marco made all the difference. Their event proved successful even if the allocated choice of berth did not serve the purpose in the best possible way. The successful charter is likely to be repeated within 12 months.

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