Water Sport Toys on board of SUPER YACHTS

Water Sport Toys on board of SUPER YACHTS

One of the most important aspects of any super yacht charter are the water toys on board.We have come up with a list of some of the most interesting items you should consider having on board during your next super yacht charter.

You can review the list below when planning your next luxury crewed yacht charter or also simply ensure that you let us know what type of toys you definitely wish to have on board.  The water toys industry is constantly coming up with new gadgets so if your chosen mega yacht does not have what you require, we will go to every possible length to ensure we will get one for you.

In most cases, we will be able to advise in advance and prior to your booking if the chosen yacht does indeed have a tender of a required size or power, if we can arrange a jet ski instructor to come on board to provide you with an exam and subsequent licences so you can enjoy the waverunners on board or if indeed the scuba diving equipment is on board.

Although most yacht charter clients will want to escape from their daily lives in order to gain some privacy during their luxury crewed charter, having fun on the water will be a crucial part of this vacation.  The list of water toys on board of super yachts is constantly changing or being upgraded yet the standard equipment which should include a suitable super yacht tender, at least one waverunner, good range of towing inflatable gear such as tubes, waterskiis to include both adult and children ones as well as snorkelling and basic fishing equipment should always be there.

Some super mega yachts already have submarines on board or super fast jet tenders that fly over the water at speeds of well over 50kn.  Others mega yachts have already introduced fabulous new, usually custom made inflatable water slides !  Others are seriously considering ordering the FLYBOARD, an incredible flying machine designed by World’s Champion Franky Zapata.  Increasingly, as it has proved very popular in the past few years, many yachts are upgrading their water toys arsenals with exhilarating seabobs, which provide amazing experience on and below the water and are relatively easy to use by all grownups.

For all these reasons, when you start the process of planning your first or next luxury crewed yacht charter vacation, the following water sport toys should be found on board.

High quality super yacht tender is the most important gadget on any luxury crewed charter yacht.  It should be at least around 4-5m in length and have a minimum 60hp engine.  Some yachts such as RELENTLESS have a 30’ tender on board, while others such as LADY SHARON GALE will have a larger 40’ tender which they can only tow behind them.  Others, such as super yachts bigger then 50m will have at least two, one of which is likely to be at least 7m.  Super Mega Yachts of around 60m or 70m and above will have several tenders on board ensuring highest levels of safety, luxury and prestige. Whatever the super yacht you will be chartering, we will make sure you are provided with a good tender.  In case the yacht you charter will not have a suitable tender on board, we will suggest another, designer tender such as VAN DUTCH 40

A good waverunner, a two or a three-seater are most of the times on board of any super yacht.  Some will have at least two, while others will have a jet ski too.  Whatever the mega yacht you will be on, waverunner is an absolutely essential part of the water sports equipment.  You should be aware though, that in most cases, especially in the West Mediterranean, the use of these toys is restricted to licensed charterers.  Should your charter party wish to use waverunners without the crew, we can arrange a professional JET SKI instructor to come on board on a specified day so you can get your licence in the course of a few hours in the afternoon. 

Seabob or watersled as some have learned to call it has been firmly established as the next best thing.  Sweeping along through the water with a Seabob is simply said a great fun. Nothing can be more tantalising than diving into impressive underwater world or simply cruising along the surface with your own body fully submerged. Using a Seabob is indeed a proper wellness experience.  The water pressure is usually so great that it will virtually force all of your body through the water and then  massage you in the process, leaving your whole body tingling for a long time afterwards. Thus, Seabob is a real water toy, powerful and easy to handle and force you through the water at speeds of around 10km/h / 6m/h, and it crucially offers a genuinely new experience to most water sport enthusiasts.

A number of towing toys are always available on board of any super yacht.  These usually include a  Banana for between 2 or 10 persons, an inflatable Tube, usually for up to 2 or 4 persons, various Jumpseats, as well as the usual Wakeboard, Kneeboard, Waterskiis, Monoskiis etc.   A banana for example is a nice recreational toy designed to be pulled by a tender.  The riders normally site upright, astride a large tube which is attached to two smaller tubes. Most bananas have solid grip handles placed in front of the seating place for you to hang on to while the powerful tender speeds around the bays.

The tubes are mainly for the fitter or more competitive charter clients who like to see and watch who can hang on to it the longest.  Similar to inflatable tubes, the doughnuts are also pulled by the crew in your super yacht tenders, albeit they are usually seen as safer to use as one would casually sit on them, rather than try to ‘’desperately’’ hang on to them.  Water skis tend to be the next most popular water sport toy on board of most yachts in general.  When chartering a super yacht we will make sure there are both children and adult skis or mono skis on board.  Wakeboard and kneeboard are again for the more experienced or fitter users who may like to attempt new, thrilling moves.

Sailing dinghies are getting their foothold more and more within the super yachts garages. These types of fun boats are usually around below 4m long with open cockpits and without any cabins in them. They allow the luxury crewed charter guests to make first sailing steps or enhance their current skills as they allow basic mastering of useful sailing skills.

Beach toys are in particular of great importance for private yacht charters with children.  This is because despite a number of super yacht crew members being on board, they will not be responsible for children entertainment. To have a great range of beach toys on board is therefore not only very useful but absolutely essential.  Some mega yachts may also carry bicycles, segways or even scooters on board and if your children want to have a specific toy on board, we will be happy to ensure they do have them during your charter, even if it means going the extra length to do so.

Enjoying swimming and shallow water snorkelling is definitely one of the most rewarding activities during any vacation at sea, in particular a private yacht charter on a luxury crewed charter yacht. .  During your mega yacht charter holiday, regardless in which specific Yachtcharter location it will be taking place, we will make sure your custom made itinerary will cover the best areas for snorkelling.  That way, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the best of the beach life and fun on the water.

In case you are a certified diver or wish to try scuba diving, we will be able to advise on the best super yachts for this activity. Namely, most of the charter yachts will not carry any scuba diving equipment.  In those cases, we can still arrange a rendez-vous diving, regardless in which yacht charter destination your luxury crewed vacation on sea will take place.  However, if you do wish to go extra length, and have a certified diving master or even instructor on board, then we can make sure you get exactly what you required.

Fishing equipment is another set of equipment which you as a yacht charter client may wish to have on board of your super yacht.  As with scuba diving equipment, only a small number of luxury crewed yachts will carry such gear around. In most cases mega yachts will have a basic equipment that will allow you simple, fun fishing in the next small bay or when trolling the coastal flats.  In case you wish to have a genuine, big game, open water fishing experience, we can either advise which super yacht would suit most for this activity, or arrange a local fishing professional for a rendez-vous at a specific location.  Given that in most cases specific licences are required for such activity; this is exactly what in most cases we will do anyway.


For all these and numerous other reasons, we hope you have been enticed to book your luxury yacht charter now. If yes, please contact us now through the following CHARTER REQUEST FORM or contact directly our friendly and experienced SuperSail Yacht Charter Team.


Ms Couradon chartered a 75' luxury sailing yacht in South of France. The boat was delivered to Nice for an easy embarkation close to the airport and without any extra fees. The charter went perfectly and the party found sailing to be a refreshing experience given the family owns a 60' motor yacht.

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