Super yacht charter is all about limitless time, ultimate freedom and space, extraordinary experiences and total privacy. 

It can also be a time of lavish spending, special occasions, showing off ones extravagant multi-millionaire lifestyle or simply cruising around sun-kissed islands in an exotic or ultra modern location.  Those who charter mega luxury yachts do so mainly because they value their freedom, to simply enjoy their holidays or also to be present at the next best star-studded boat party.   When the number of yacht charter guests is above 6 or 8 and in most cases above 12 it can be difficult to find a suitable yacht however. In such situations, one super yacht is unlikely to be a suitable choice and this is where we can excell when providing service to you as a charterer.

The cost of super yacht charter:
The fact is that the cost of super yachts which can cater for more than 12 guests is very expensive. 
It is therefore advisable that you pay special attention to all available options.  As a super yacht charter client you could can start choosing your next luxury crewed vessel based on the number of cabins or based on the budget, both of which can be misleading.  In these situations it is worthwhile looking at two suitable super yachts, rather than one.  This is where tandem charter will prove the best choice indeed and we at SuperSailYachts are in the best position to assist with this arrangement.

Super Yacht Tandem Charter arranged:
The super yachts arranged on a tandem charter will cruise together, find mooring within a short distance of one another, and constantly arrange casual get-togethers throughout the charter week, always based on your preferences, pre-arranged activities or lastminute crew suggestions.   During a tandem charter you can cruise side by side taking part in watersport activities, luxury dinners or privately arranged competitions and beach games or pre-arranged excursions ashore as a group.  When meals are served on board, the chefs on both of your super yachts will be able to create best of the gourmet menus and serving staff will be happy to arrange either a formal dining for the adults and a kid-friendly menu for your children.  In special locations a lovely beach BBQ party for guests from both yachts could be set.  If all your guests need to eat together and at the same time while on board, the buffet-style service served in the main salon or on the sundeck, is the usual way of entertaining such meals.

Experience in tandem charter:
And you can rest assured as arranging the tandem charter is not a major problem for us at SuperSailYachts as we have done it dozens of times in the past.  Even though such charters will require more planning and continuous co-ordination efforts between you as the head charterer or your representative at home or on board, as well as our charter manager, the two captains and their respective crews.  In fact this is where can excel in providing a great service to you. 

Whatever your choice and requirements when planning a luxury crewed charter or indeed enjoying a super yacht tandem charter, you can rest assured that we will find the best possible solution avoiding excessive costs or indeed arranging the exact, tailor-made deal you require.

In case you are interested in super yacht tandem charter for your next luxury crewed getaway, please review our Yacht Search section and let us know about your super yacht charter preferences and requirements by filling out the CHARTER REQUEST FORM or send us an email directlt to charter@supersailyachts.com now.

Mr Eriksson and his business friends chartered 7 different motor yachts in the range from 70-90' in various locations across the Mediterranean. We are looking forward to arranging new boats during summer season 2012 and winter season 2013

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