Superyacht charter rates - FAQ!

What does it cost to charter a yacht?
Cost of chartering a luxury yacht or in particular a superyacht vary considerably.  This mainly depends on the size of the yacht, but also about the age and the season, as well as the actual duration of the charter. In general, a superyacht is usually seen as any luxury boat above 82ft, and such boats can cost from as low as 25,000 Eur per week and up to 100,000 Eur per week depending on the above variables.

Benetti Yacht

How much does it cost to charter a sailboat in the Caribbean?

An all inclusive charter on a 82ft superyacht is likely to cost around 40,000 US's in the Caribbean during a high season, but most likely 50,000 US$'s during the Christmas or NEW YEAR weeks. A new 80ft catamaran however is likely to cost around 100,000 US$'s most likely. BVI's tend to be most expensive, and locations such as Grenada, Martinique or Antigua may be better value. Mega yachts such as SUNREEF 100 or San Lorenzo and Benetti motor yachts are likely to cost at least 100,000 Eur per week even during the low season.

Cyntia Yacht

How much do you tip a private yacht charter?
If chartering a superyacht in the Mediterranean, tip of 10% is acceptable.  This is advisory and not a must, as if the clients received top service, they can also increase the tip, while on the other side poor service can result in no tips at all, although this is frowned upon. In the Caribbean, in particular on vessels crewed or managed by US teams, the tip is usually set at 20% obligatory. 

Shirley Heights of English Harbour

How much does it cost to rent a yacht per day?
Charteri prices of superyachts variy considerably. As a rule of thumb, you must plan with at least 3,000 Eur per day plus expenses and any taxes (VAT) while biggest superyachts can cost as high as 500,000 Eur per day.  Those available for events such as Monaco Grand Prix or Cannes Film Festival are likely to cost from around 5,000 - 25,000 Eur per day plus VAT and APA Expenses.

Tango Megayacht

How much does it cost to rent a yacht for 3 days?

The average cost of a superyacht charter for 3-days is likely to cost around 20,000 Eur plus VAT and APA Expenses.  This can be less if it is in low season or if the yacht is older than 10 years.  Newer boats during peak of the season could only be chartered for 7 or even 10 days as a minimum in most cases.

Are there any discounts available?
The discounts are readily available on most yachts and usually at all times. High season weeks on newest yachts will not be discounted in most cases however. The most popular yachts such as Sunreef 80 or new Azimut motor yachts will also in most cases only offer full rates.  However, by booking in advance, or by booking longer term and opting for best value yachts rather than best and newest yachts, you can get a reasonable and at times bigger discount.

For more information on chartering a superyacht in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean as well as during any specific events or special family occasions, please do contact us at @SuperSailYachts.

Family SAN PEDRO chartered a luxury SY PERSEUS, 150' Perini Navi and were ''extremely satisfied'' with both yacht and the crew, as well as perfect booking procedure and service by our charter agents.

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