Super Yacht Charters during major holidays

Super Yacht Charters during major holidays

Super yacht charter is the best and most relaxing holiday experience you can enjoy. 

The feeling of being on a private yacht, enjoying the best cruising grounds in the world at your own leisure and on your own terms, without any specific schedule, as well as having your own dedicated concierge, captain, hostess, and the top chef is what makes it so special.  And it all usually happens during specific occasions.

School holidays, New Years Eve, Thanksgiving, specific events such as America’s Cup or Abu Dhabi and Monaco F1 Grand Prix, Christmas and the Eastern holidays are the time of the year when most businesses and families are looking to make their luxury crewed yacht charter getaway.   The most popular super yacht charter destinations in the winter months are certainly the stretch of the Eastern Caribbean, from Florida, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands as well as Leeward Islands such as Anguilla and St Barths and down South across the Windward Islands, the Grenadines, Grenada or even Trinidad and Tobago as well as notoriously beautiful ABC islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. 
For the more adventurous or even more cultural yacht charter experiences, locations such as Maldives, Seychelles and any region of South East Asia, in particular Phuket and Langkawi are the next best thing.  Given the increasing number of super yachts accessing more remote destinations such as Vietnam as well as those embarking on circumnavigation around the globe, winter months holidays could also be great time of the year to embark on a super yacht charter experience in locations such as Brazil, Panama, the Galapagos, Hawaii, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Fiji and Tahiti to name but a few.  

The summer months are usually reserved for the amazing Mediterranean, in particular luxury destinations along the Cote d’Azur in South of France, Costa del Sol in Spain, South Adriatic around Dubrovnik and Tivat and Bodrum, Athens, Cyclades archipelago and Italian Riviera around Portofino in the North or Amalfi Coast and Island Capri in the South Italy.  New England in the USA as well as the Baltic Sea are the alternative best destinations during these days.  This is the time of the year when

Regardless if you are a family group with younger children, extended family with grandparents and all ages in between, or if you are simply craving for a romantic getaway with your partner, a super yacht charter during these peak vacation times will provide the perfect getaway from the business stress waiting you at home.  When chartering a luxury crewed private yacht, what you can always expect is that your experienced and qualified, as well as eager-to-please super yacht crew will help create best itineraries that will cover best anchorages, secluded bays, the most tranquil coves as well as bustling shopping resorts or port towns and tourist hot spots. At the same time, you can simply plan to relax on deck or in a shade, sample your chef’s gourmet specialities or decide to embark on one of the adventurous activities such as jet skiing, water skiing, or even snorkelling, diving and big game fishing.  Whatever your decision, crucial planning of your super yacht charter should be taken care by SuperSailYachts as we can suggest best yachts, create first, tailor made super yacht itinerary and also provide first hand advice on how to enjoy your luxury crewed charter in the best way.  On top, we will also take care of your payment, arrange airport transfers, book you the best hotel for the nights before or after the charter and organise shore based excursions to local archaeological sites, historical buildings or cultural events.

From the feedback of dozens of happy clients, you can rest assured that super yacht charters at all these traditionally busy times of the year will be a soothing escape for you and your party.  Thus, in case you require a super yacht for your next Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving and during your children’s school holidays we can make this become the ultimate luxury holiday. Let us therefore first provide you with best offers, than arrange the best private yacht charter you require and deserve now.


Should you be planning a luxury holiday during one of the major holidays yet are concerned about the charter fees, in order to get the best yacht charter deal, please review our Yacht Search section and let us know about your luxury crewed yacht charter preferences and requirements by filling out the CHARTER REQUEST FORM or send us an email directly to now.


Mr Eriksson and his business friends chartered 7 different motor yachts in the range from 70-90' in various locations across the Mediterranean. We are looking forward to arranging new boats during summer season 2012 and winter season 2013

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