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When planning a special occasion or a trip of a lifetime, you inevitably come across various options.  From secluded millionaire villas to best 5- or 7-star hotels and various packages or exclusive holidays, to a great number of luxury yachts, the choice can be daunting.  Choosing the most suitable one, let alone the best one is therefore not easy.  And while SuperSailYachts cannot discuss other options, we are certain that Super Yacht Charters can offer amazing value.  We also strongly believe that only a luxury yacht charter can give you the most value during any holiday.  There may be various reasons for it, but mainly because any sailing vacation offers both seclusion of a villa, 5-star service of the best hotels and as bespoke a package as anyone can wish for.   On top of that, only on a luxury yacht charter vacation can you have a hotel room or a villa that moves around to where you want to be.  Luxury yachts offer you a complete freedom and privacy and a choice of destinations, both in terms of starting point as well as visiting any location on any given day.  On your own superyacht, if you stay at anchor you are also not being charged for daily conveniences such as resort fees, water toys or any kind of transfers to the nearby sites of interest.  You simply sail there at a time that suits you and your family or a group!

XNOI Sailing Yacht - more

As a result, if you compare like for like, you will not have an overview as such comparison is not possible given that a luxury yachting holiday simply gives more.  Thus, if are to look at the total cost of a super yacht charter against a comparable land-based vacation, if such a comparison can be made at all, you will quite often find that chartering a boat can be significantly cheaper anyway.  We at SuperSailYachts in particular excell in providing a choice and good value ensuring you as a client do not get sold a boat represented by owner, but represented by your own broker who works for you.

Caribbean Crewed Catamarans are in particular the best value luxury yachting charter deals!

One of the best examples of a good value superyacht charter holiday is if you are to hire a yacht in the Caribbean.  Yacht charter holiday on a luxury crewed catamaran in the Caribbean is both much cheaper and much better value than any 5 star resort.  This is in particular the case as you do get all the advantages of a yacht as well as an all inclusive service with all food, drinks and on board amenities included in the price! 

Sixty Six Mege Yacht
SIXTY SIX Mega Yacht - more

For a detailed list of all the best yacht charter deals in a suitable location, please do send us your yacht charter request and we will endavour to send you both a great choice and best deal available.  There is no need to go directly to the owner or a broker representing the owner, as they will want to sell you their boat and their boat only.  We as your yacht charter broker are keen to offer you a choice, value and best independent advice, away from any pressures of satisfying the owners themselves.   You are our king and queen.  Contact us now for the best super yacht charter deals on the market. AND IF THAT is not sufficient, we can also get you in touch with one of our previous clients, providing the best referrals, recommendations and testimonials in the superyacht industry.


A long term client chartered the super yacht SIMPLE PLEASURE, a Sunseeker 30m in Italy earlier this year.

With only a small number of guests on board and crew / guest ratio being 2 / 1, the well organised private yacht charter experience was unforgettable.

All meticulously planned details were met, including lower fuel bills, carefully sourced out wines, personalised menue and difficult to keep bespoke itinerary.

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