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Cruise Arctic Circle, Lofoten, Norway Fjords and Oslo 

Luxury yacht charter in Norway is a very special, unique experience. Exploring some of the most sensational scenery available on the planet, be it in the Arctic Norway on board of MY LEGEND, the iconic 77m giga yacht with two helicopters, a team of experts and a submarine or elsewhere it is equally as unforgettable. The adventure seeking yacht charter clients will be as mesmerised cruising in the Oslofjord between the Færder lighthouse and Langesund with MY IN EXCESS or indeed within the immensely beautiful Lofoten archipelago on board of MY DAYDREAM as in the remote Arctic. The natural scenery of the country is breathtakingly beautiful coast is a perfect setting not just for a usual summer vacation, but also for sailing and skiing at the same time, a simple cruise around the deepest Fjords in the world or for the active ones, hiking, wildlife observation, climbing, fishing and much more. The contrast between the low lying lands, usually inhabited or used by locals for their own lifestyle’s and business and the steep mountain peaks are indeed not easy to describe.

Arctic Circle and Lofoten:

When it comes to choosing a region where to spend your summer yacht charter holiday in the Norway, the choice is between four distinguishable regions. The afore mentioned Arctic circle is a truly magical place. Lofoten archipelago is lying just within the circle too, giving the area so many different options in terms of yacht charter vacation. The land of the Midnight sun as it is otherwise known, the North Cape area of Arctic circle is accessible only during certain periods when daylight is available or when your ship can access the surrounding waters where you can see thousands of islands, plethora of sheltered fjords with the steep mountains as well as miles and miles of open seas. The area between the North Cape as the most northern point of Europe and the Tromso or northern most part of Lofoten peninsula is perfect for adventurous cruising of a lifetime and unique activities such as skiing, hiking, climbing and the usual ones of sailing, kayaking, fishing or simple wildlife observation.

Unless you can afford to charter the one and only ice-breaking MY LEGEND and are keen to go Svalbard or as far North as possible, the choice of super yachts available for yacht charter here will be extremely limited however. Regardless, choosing to visit at a time when Aurora Borealis occurs, in the winter, can be one option, otherwise, the peak of the summer when daylight extends through the Polar night is another. Whatever the choice, you will encounter a magnificent, completely untouched countryside with immense snow and ice peaked mountain backdrops. The same can also be said for the much more popular Lofoten which have the same dramatic contrast between low lying coast and huge mountain peaks but which are exposed to Gulf Stream warmth more than other parts of this remote region. This contributes to a very rich wildlife, including the world’s largest deep water coral reef, the Rost Reef where temperatures are above freezing even during the winter months.  Swimming remains a cold experience however as shallow water temperatures rarely reach 17-degrees Celsius with deep waters having an almost constant temperature of below 10-degrees. Jumping into the water from your swim platform therefore is not a recommendable option, unless you get well prepared for the experience.

Finally, contrary to what you may believe, sandy beaches here are available too. You can stop at some just before you explore natural glaciers and hidden caves or after you have observed numerous wild birds such as cormorants, sea eagles or puffins and kittiwakes. And if this is not all your are interested in exploring, how about meeting some locals from the Sami people who have their own distinguished culture that includes both history and art ? With Gulf Stream bringing the much needed warmth in summer, the Arctic Circle is not as isolated as one may think indeed.

West Coast and Norwegian Fjords:

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Oslo, the capital of Norway is the capital of yachting as well.  Most yachting enthusiasts cruise in this area known as Oslofjord. You too can sail between the islands such as Hovedøya, Lindøya, Nakholmen, Bleikøya, Gressholmen, and Langøyene all located en route between the Færder lighthouse to Langesund which is your typical itinerary if visiting Oslo Fjord.  Although not a fjord as a geological term, this area of outstanding natural beauty comes alive in summer and is perfect for those keen to explore the capital and maybe collect their Nobel Prize at the same time.  There is a good choice of luxury yachts based here.

NORWAY Private Charter Yachts Selection 
Norway is most probably the most remote mega yacht charter destination in Europe, thus finding a suitable type and size of a yacht is not always an easy task.  There is namely a small selection of mega yachts or luxury sailing yachts  available for private yacht charter cruises around the Norwegian Fjords yet not all of them are permanently based here. For clients from all over the world, NORWAY will remain difficult to access and a destination one can visit only once in a lifetime. For that reason, having sufficient flexibility to grab an opportunity when one of the best super yachts is heading in this direction is very important. 

Arrange a Private Yacht Charter in Norway
For more information about booking a private luxury charter yacht in Northern Europe in general and Norway in particular particular please consider making plans in good time.  In case you wish to explore Norwegian Fjords, experience the Midnight Sun, Aurora Borealis and North Cape or even the island of Svalbard or simply wish to have a luxury cruise around the Oslofjords, contact us at so we can assist you to plan your perfect luxury yacht charter itinerary, combining your family or business needs with recommendations about the best time to visit this tropical destination..




Dr Johnson chartered a luxury 65' Lagoon sailing catamaran on the Italian riviera. The owner of this famous yacht, a famous Italian celebrity, offered a free delivery of the boat to Amalfi Coast and a third crew member on top. The whole experience was exceptional and the family is looking to charter this year again.

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