The latest destination in luxury crewed yacht charter offering is FIJI.

The main area for visiting super yachts is within the chain of islands known as the Yasawas and Mamanucas.  This archipelago of islands and coral reefs are strung out over a large area of around 80NM all the way from Malolo Island to Yasawa-i-Rara at the most northern tip of the Yasawas.  Your super yacht charter cruise would most likely take you between these locations, inside the reefs with numerous short passages between mostly deserted anchorages and the finest of beaches.

The climate in Fiji is continuously warm and sunny as the cruising area is situated on the side which receives little rain, thus sailing conditions are most of the time very favourable. With very few luxury charter yachts available for cruise vacations in the Fiji, the whole island nation is the perfect are for a relaxing private holiday at sea. The water is crystal clear, simple made for snorkelling and swimming. The nature beauty is at its best with pristine beaches throughout and secluded lagoons allowing you to find your own private yacht charter anchorage where you can enjoy 5 star cooking of your chef on board or choose from one of the few secluded restaurants, often located on private islands and most idyllic locations in the world.

It has been said many times that people choose visiting Fiji both due to its remoteness but also due to its picture perfect beaches. They are spectacular for most part and are quite often mentioned as some of the best in the world. The further north you will instruct your captain to sail, the whiter and more dramatic these beaches are likely to be, with Yasawa Island featuring some of the most magnificent ones. On top, at the southern end of Yasawa Island are the famous Sawa-i-Lau caves which are an absolute must visit location. Here you can swim to underwater caves and if you take a torch, mask and snorkels you can explore the hidden underwater world not many will be able to see! The lagoon at Sawa-i-Lau is also great for exploring with kayaks or canoes and obligatory jet ski’s or seabobs if you will have them on board.

One of the highlights of mega yacht charter holiday in Fiji is private cooking on Tavewa Island. LOVO is the way of cooking food on hot rocks buried in the ground and known only or mostly to Fijian population. This fabulous beach barbeque experience would be made possible by your crew and if necessary by inviting locals to assist in the preparation of food which can include usual favourites fish, and whole poultry or local specialities such as dalo, palusami and other root crops. The Tavewa is also known for the Blue Lagoon, so called after a Hollywood movie was made here in 80’s as well as their crafted, weaved coconut baskets which are used to hold the food that is then placed on heated rocks, covered with banana leaves and buried for a few hours. The prepared delicacies come out tender, juicy and infused with the flavour of grated coconut.

Private, de-luxe sailing holiday in Fiji is a must once in a lifetime so if you plan a special trip this year, do consider Southern Pacific seriously and let us know of your plans, preferences and requirements by filling out one of our contact or super yacht charter request forms. So travel in style and enjoy a once in a lifetime getaway to South Pacific and Fiji islands on a mega charter yacht now.


FIJI Private Charter Yachts Selection 
South Pacific are most probably the most exotic mega yacht charter destination in the world, thus finding a suitable type and size of a yacht is not always an easy task.  There is namely a small selection of mega yachts, luxury sailing yachts and both sailing as well as power catamarans available for private yacht charter cruises around the South Pacific and not all of them are in Fiji Islands. For clients from all over the world, FIJI will remain difficult to access and a destination one can visit only once in a lifetime. For that reason, having sufficient flexibility to grab an opportunity when one of the best super yachts is heading in this direction is very important. 


Arrange a Private Yacht Charter in the Fiji Islands
For more information about booking a private luxury charter yacht in South Pacific and Fiji in particular please contact us so we can assist you to plan your perfect luxury yacht charter itinerary, combining your family or business needs with recommendations about the best time to visit this tropical destination.





Belgian property company chartered a luxury sailing yacht XNOI during the prestigious Cannes event MIPIM in March 2015. They stated the lovely XNOI was even better than they expected and this spectacular yacht with the fabulous captain Marco made all the difference. Their event proved successful even if the allocated choice of berth did not serve the purpose in the best possible way. The successful charter is likely to be repeated within 12 months.

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