PCR Test required for the Caribbean yacht charters !

PCR Test required for the Caribbean yacht charters !

Published by Editorial team on 20th October 2020

In these testing times, most yacht charter destinations are increasingly requesting all travellers to produce a valid and negative PCR test on arrival.  This is in particular required in the East Caribbean islands, between Virgin Islands, Windward Islands such as the Grenadines and Leeward islands such as Antigua ...


In order to understand reqwuirements to charter a yacht in the Caribbean this winter and during major holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or NEW YEAR, we have created the following lowdown for you with the hope that it will guide you successfuly towards making sutiable arrangments, including booking your private yacht charter in the coming weeks.

  1.       The definition of CPR Test!?
    CPR stands for POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION (PCR). The test is supposed to detect antigents which are likely to be stimulating an immune response.  In other words, the test should clarify whether a tested patient has an active infection or more specifically Covid-19 coronavirus infection.
  2.      Why it is needed?
    If you and your family members of friends are allowed to travel together and are keen to charter a yacht privately, in particular this winter in the East Caribbean locations, you are likely to need one to enter any of the islands.  It is in fact mandatory in many locations, regardless if you require to quarantine or not.  For example, at this moment in time, St Vincent requires both PCR test as well as 24hrs quarantine.  Antigua & Barbuda only require negative test. 

  3.      Is it a standard everywhere!?
    Not yet, but with very good certainty, in order to satisfy standards of any charter contract, and to be able to fall back on any Covid-19 cancellation clauses, such tests are likely to be or become mandatory.  Before booking your yacht charter with us or making your final travel arrangements, we recommend that you also plan for PCR tests for all those travelling.

  4.      How do you know if you need one!?
    It can only be confirmed with some certainty a few days before you travel.  We can double check these both at the time of booking and a few days before your travel.  There is no ideal boat or ideal location, yet Antigua or islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe do seem to offer easier entry terms than BVI’s or St Vincent these days.

  5.      Where can you get a PCR test!?
    This will depend on where you are coming from; in most cases you will need to pay for the tests privately.  We can advise a way to research options available to you and also ensure you only get to choose a reputable private clinic to do so. This in turn will give you some reassurance that your test will be done properly, results provided on time and most importantly, accepted by the authorities at the final destination before embarking on your private charter yacht.

  6.      Can tests be done at home!?
    Some clinics do provide Home Kits.  You would need to administer a swab or alternatively a saliva test on your own or by a family member though. Once sample is produced, it would need to be posted back with urgency, both to ensure the validity of the sample as well as to allow for test results to be provided on time.  Home service kits may not be available at your local destination; thus such service availability needs to be checked.

  7.      When does the test need to be taken!?
    In most cases you would need to produce a negative test that is not older than 72hrs.  In some cases this may be even shorter; in others a couple of days longer, yet in an ideal world, you would book an appointment around 48hrs before travel so as to allow that your results are provided on time.  In other words, before choosing a clinic, you would need to ensure that tests can be taken at a suitable time and results can be provided before you actually travel.

  8.     How long do you need to wait for results!?
    This will depend on your location, availability at the time and clinics which can do private testing. In most cases, results are currently provided within 1-3 days.  We recommend that you insist on the testing to be run and results completed in a time-frame that suits you and based on your travel arrangements.  Suitable travel insurance may also have to be taken out to ensure you are covered in case of any delays with such testing or results of it.

  9.      How accurate are PCR Tests!?
    Initially, such tests were not available; in the meantime they are pretty accurate.  The countries would not demand them if there was no sufficient evidence to suggest they are providing some certainty that visitors are actually free of Covid-19.  Where accuracy is not provided, PCR test may either be positive or you will not be provided with a negative test, in which case you may not be able to travel. In other words, if you are provided with a negative PCR test, the likelihood is that you are free of covid-19 as tests are deemed pretty accurate.

  10. What is the cost of a PCR test!?
    This will vary from country to country, clinic to clinic and at times the timings of the test taken.  New tests are also being developed and once these are available for the masses and with shortened timescale in terms of provision of results, the costs may also change. You should assume that costs at this moment in time vary from around 100 – 350 Euros (£90 – 320 Sterling or 120 – 400 US$’s)~

  11.   What happens if you are positive!?
    We can put a clause in every charter contract that in case of any covid-19 related cancellation, thus your inability to travel due to positive PCR test, you get either a full refund or free re-booking within the next 12 months.  This will be totally dependent on the actual deal, charter yacht or sailing destination where relevant booking is being made.


We hope this brief insight is valuable source of information for you. If you have any other queries, PLEASE ASK, as we would be happy to assist and indeed arrange your charter even during these times when travelling is not an easiest option.  Many yachts in both the Caribbean as well as in the Mediterranean will offer flexible terms and free cancellations, regardless if a PCR test is needed to enter the end-destination or not. We stand ready to work with you to arrange best options to suit your family.

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