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Luxury Crewed Yacht Charters and best restaurants in Croatia!

Chartering a luxury crewed yacht in Croatia is an exceptional experience.  In the Adriatic sea you will not only come across numerous islands, stunning beaches, perfect hideaways and anchorages or snorkelling spots but also very friendly locals and fabulous fresh air filled with the scents of lavender and local food.  Even though you are likely to have your own chef on board, experiencing food in local restaurants, most of which are run by owners and their families is something not to be missed out on.

Lastminute and special super yacht charter deals!

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Luxury crewed yacht charter holidays and super yacht charters are indeed very expensive.  As a result, many a yacht charter clients are keen to get the best price or indeed the largest boat for a set budget.

Waiting lastminute to ensure such a deal is therefore not only desired but a strategic plan.  This may turn very complicated at times, even if a suitable mega yacht will be found at the very last moment, not least as the super yacht crew many not have sufficient time to prepare for all the requirements of a luxury yacht charter.

In case you are looking for a specific size of the boat (ie. 30m) that is also of specific make (ie. Wally) and where possible available on an exact or preferred route between Portofino and St Tropez, for a period of 2 or 3 weeks at the end of July and first couple of weeks of August, finding such a super yacht on a lastminute basis may be very difficult.  We would probably suggest such specific requirements to be discussed at least 3 months and where possible 6 months before yacht charter embarkation. 
In case your requirements are less specific, and you can also settle for another 100′ yacht ie. Oyster or Southern Wind, with route not specified in advance but decided on a very lastminute, making the enquiry up to 1 month before yacht charter start could be a realistic enquiry.

Whatever your luxury crewed yacht charter plans, requirements or ideas are, do share them on time however.  Even if you are keen lastminute yacht charter client, discussing options a couple of times before maybe giving you a good insight into what deals are available months before and if indeed some are of interest.  It won’t cost enquiring and it could save a lot of money indeed. 

Exotic Super Yacht Charter Destinations!


Apart from regular summer yacht charter destinations in the Mediterranean, mostly South of France and most recently the Adriatic, and winter yacht charter destinations in the Caribbean, mostly British Virgin Islands and increasingly the Grenadines, you can now charter super yachts and luxury crewed boats in many exotic super yacht charter locations. 

Amongst these different locations you can go as far as Fiji, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Belize, Burma or Myanmar and even further afield in Alaska or Tahiti. As far as Myanmar, due to current situation with so called ”boat people”, we are also guaranteing to offer 50% of the profit made on arranging any super yacht charter in this region as a direct donation to those affected.

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Super Yacht Charter during Corporate Events in South of France!

O’PARI 3 is one of the latest superyachts offered for events

Many of our corporate clients enquire about chartering a super yacht or super sail yacht or indeed a passenger ship even, during one of the major events  taking place  alongside cote d’Azur, usually in Cannes, and during Spring.  It is good to know therefore that your or your business can charter a number of super yachts during the major events taking place every year in South of France and MONACO.  

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Cycling and Yacht Charter Vacations in the Adriatic!


Did you consider a summer holiday, combining sailing on a luxury gulet with a cycling adventure at the same time ? If yes, why not visit Balkan Peninsula and both sail in the Adriatic as well as explore the inland and coastal resorts on your bycicle next summer.  With an increasing number of de-luxe gullets based in Croatia as well as Montenegro and many others visiting from Turkey and Greece, there has never been a better time to do so.

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Private lifestyle and Yacht Charter for Millionaires!

ANDREAS L - from the air with tenders and jet ski

To live the life of a Millionaire, one has to be rich. How exactly rich, that depends on the size of the yacht the rich can charter or even buy amongst other things. 

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De-Luxe Gulet Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean!

Amongst many a superyacht, there are also a number of de-luxe gulet yachts available for genuine luxury crewed yacht charters.Croatia, Greece and Turkey in the East Mediterranean are in particular the destinations of choice when it comes to gullet, gulet or goolet yacht charters.

Krila GUlet 24m
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Monaco Yacht Show, the House of Fine Yachting!

The Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) is the show for super yachts above 25m.  Held every year at the end of September it attracts numerous shipyards, luxury goods makers, super yacht agents, brokers and yacht charter clients. 

Monaco Capitenarie superyacht mooring
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Luxury dining on the Adriatic Coast!

Konoba in Northern Region of Kvarner
Konoba in Northern Region of Kvarner

Luxury Dining is a major part of any super yacht charter experience.  While any super yacht will have a professional chef on board, sailing in a new destination would not be as great an experience without hopping from island to island, from anchorage to anchorage and sampling local food, served in privately owned and managed restaurants, most of which have their own moorings, gardens where home-made food is grown and fabulous dishes served only there and its most original form.

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Monaco Grand Prix

Held last weekend of May, this most prestigious F1 Grand Prix race attracts numerous super yachts to Monaco.

Crowds party even during the race at all times
Crowds party even during the race at all times

Fully booked as always, the event attracted the most distinguished persons in racing and F1 circuit every year.  During the 2014 race Mercedes finally achieved the status of the favourites on course where they rarely took the pole, let alone the first two podium places with Nico Rosberg taking the first place and his team colleague Lewis Hamilton the second place.  The double win was not welcomed by all team members as there was a clearly visible discord amongst the Lewis Hamilton fans.

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