Apart from regular summer yacht charter destinations in the Mediterranean, mostly South of France and most recently the Adriatic, and winter yacht charter destinations in the Caribbean, mostly British Virgin Islands and increasingly the Grenadines, you can now charter super yachts and luxury crewed boats in many exotic super yacht charter locations. 

Amongst these different locations you can go as far as Fiji, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Belize, Burma or Myanmar and even further afield in Alaska or Tahiti. As far as Myanmar, due to current situation with so called ”boat people”, we are also guaranteing to offer 50% of the profit made on arranging any super yacht charter in this region as a direct donation to those affected.


Luxury crewed yacht charter options have never been greater than they are now.  This does not apply to the usual favourites in the West or East Mediterranean or the East Caribbean.  Super yachts now go on a circumnavigation around the world oceans with owners offering individual weeks and longer term periods for private yacht charters too.  That means that on occasion you can also charter a luxury crewed sailing catamaran Rose of Jericho in Costa Rica, 45m luxury motor yacht BIG FISH in Myanmar from 245,000 US$’s per week plus all expenses and luxury crewed sailing catamaran LADY ALLIAURA in NEW Caledonia and NEW Zealand for around 55,000 US$’s on a 10 day yacht charter basis.  Some super yachts will also go as far as Patagania and maybe even Antarctica in high summer, while many others will gladly visit Alaska and North Pacific area around British Columbia.  One lovely super sail yacht, a 95ft classic Baglietto named SY SINCERITY is heading to West coast of Greenland, amongst thousands of miles of the most amazing, well indented coastline, generously dotted with numerous icebergs and outlandishly stunning mountain ranges.
We therefore invite you to plan your next summer and winter yacht charters as you always did, by visiting the most popular celebrity packed venues in South of France during August and BVI’s or ST Maarten and Anguilla during Christmas and NEW YEAR holidays or major regatta’s in March, yet at the time time consider chartering a mega charter yacht or super sail yacht in one of the exotic locations such as those described above.

So if you are a Prince or a Princess, a Sheikh or the Mrs, the enthusiast or regular yacht charter client who is keen to travel in style and enjoy finer things in life, hit the road, set sail and charter a super yacht with  either in one of the exotic locations in North or South Pacific, remote Atlantic or hidden parts of Indian Ocean.