Aaah, the time of MYS or Monaco Yacht Show has come. And what a show it will be, I know …|

I recently spoke with an old fisherman from the Croatian coastal town of Rijeka. He complained how local government promised a new marina at the Delta, a run down part of this industrial town in the North of the country, set in the fabulous Kvarner bay, a number of years ago. It was supposed to attract new businesses, new investments, new mooring for his old barka, a traditional wooden boat used for fishing, so that he and others do not have to duck their heads when heading out into the kvarner and into the open sea.

The whole story was marred by bureaucracy, corruption, lies, promises and money that is there, but always ends in the pockets of a few. His life was supposed to be sweet and healthy, a typical fisherman’s dream life with high quality catch, good prices offered by local merchants and plenty of new orders by luxury restaurants spread around the coast. In the past he said, there was a lot of interest from local people, from tourists, from yacht charter guests, from restaurants and from businesses which served or sold fish even though they were based hundreds of miles inland or abroad.

Nowadays, the national government is following a tough line with everyone who does not have a fiscal clarity and selling under the table has just become impossible. Making money by reporting all caught fish is not possible for years by the way. His only option he said was to move abroad, and as a EU citizen he could do so, or start a new business. For moving abroad he lacked language capacity and his age would not help. For starting a business he would need a big capital investment which he didn’t have either. The only realistic hope remaining to him was a change in government or indeed change of corrupt policies and practices in the Croatian society. He said he dreamed of Monaco and the perfection that rules within the principality.
Everything is simple, straight forward and well known there; he said. And there is also opportunity to earn money, so at least he would like to think. I certainly agreed with him on the part of everything being in order in Monaco. And what I mean is the fact that other Boat or Yacht Shows seem to lack something. Something of an x-factor probably. In Genoa it is the time of the year, in Mallorca the fact that boat show is mixed up with a water sport show, in Cannes, Southampton, London, Paris and Duesseldorf the fact they are almost identical in nature or presentation and the feeling one is left with afterwards, is one of emptiness, confusion or even outright frustration. I wonder how much does bureaucracy, corruption and any regulatory burdens are influencing the feel and success of these boat shows ?

This is not the case with the Monaco Yacht SHOW or MYS. In fact, this spectacular yacht show is a success simply for the fact it takes place where it does. The sheer number of yachts adds to the great excitement which one is exposed to from the moment you start packing to go there. I am packing as I write this and cannot wait to park the car in the Grimaldi Forum then head on foot to the Port Hercules, enjoying the lovely views as soon as I walk through the famous tunnel. The bay in front of the port will be full of super yachts, fabulous super yacht tenders and yacht charter crews wherever I fancy taking a look. The port itself will be lined up with the best mega charter yachts of the world and huge number of potential buyers, yacht charterers and super yacht crews will be there for me to admire. I look forward to visiting the fabulous 86m Quattroelle from Luerssen shipyard, as well as the 45m Latitude or fabulous 47m Palmer Johnson’s Blue Ice.
I genuinely hope you will be there too and that we will meet one day in order to discuss the latest news in the super yacht world. Given that we at are making a great new success in the super yacht charter market by expanding the number of boats on offer, publishing new information on a daily basis and are serving the mega yacht charter clientele in ever greater numbers, we hope that you will have the chance to enjoy our super or value service one day too.

Let’s connect at MYS and enjoy the best yacht show and least corrupt government in the world.